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Monday: You have officially settled in to the beautiful city of Rome, but unfortunately we’ll have to get used to one more city. Milano! The real fashion capital of Italy. There will be three big fashion houses you must arrive and try on the clothes and pose for the designer. Then they will each decide on their nine favourite models and you will all be assigned to one of the three designers for their pre-runway shots. THE DESIGN HAUSES ARE; Gianni Versace, Missoni, and Valentino. However, don’t get too lost in this great city; a whirlwind of cobblestone steps and cute guys to distract you.

I was pretty excited for the go-sees, but I didn't want to show it to anyone. This should be, at least after all of my experience, pretty easy for me. But it wasn't. I looked at the younger ones, like Julia and Karlie, and felt horrible. Plus, I was absolutely lost in this city! I didn't know where to go and all of the people on the streets seemed too busy to help me. 
I met up with Liu. She looked amazing, but totally lost, too.
"Oh, thank goodness I found you, Liu! Please tell me you know Italian!", I said and hugged her. 

She shook her head so her thick, black hair flew around. "I don't."
Then she handed me a map and circled the fashion houses. "We can try to just follow the map and get there together!" 

I sighed. "Thank you, it'll be much easier that way."

First, we wanted to go to Missoni because it seemed pretty near to where we were. "Where are we?!", I asked and looked at the map after a few minutes.
Liu took a look, too, and shrugged. "I'm not sure."

I sat down on the sidewalk. "This is hopeless."

Liu raised her eyebrows and let out a sigh. She looked down at me like a mother would look at her child. "Come on, I know this isn't your first go see in a foreign country because it's not my mine either! So what's the problem? If we could finish those, why can't we finish these? We can!"

I plastered a little smile on my face. "I know, I know."

Liu sat down on the curb next to me. "We'll be fine. We still got the whole day left!"

"3 hours", I replied, my negativity coming out again.

"Yeah, 3 hours! More than enough time!", Liu cheered.

"You're so naive, Liu", I shook my head. 3 hours were nothing. They could find plenty of other models in that time.

She rolled her eyes. "And you're so negative!"
Then she grinned and pulled out her phone.

"Who are you going to call?", I wanted to know and twisted a strand of my hair around my finger to have something to do.

Liu didn't seem like she'd really have a plan.
"I don't know. Maybe one of the girls to see how they're doing, maybe they got to one of the houses already. Maybe Sasha. She seemed to know Rome pretty well when I hung out with her on Saturday."

"We don't need Sasha's help", I sniffed.

"Actually, you're probably right. Besides, I think she might be mad at me. I don't know", Liu explained.

"Mad at you? What did you do?", I said, pretty surprised.

"I poured vodka on her head", Liu simply said.

I imagined that situation and bursted out into laugher. Now Liu seemed surprised herself.
"I'll tell you all about it later", she smiled.

"I'm going to call Sam", she finally stated.

"Sam? Is that the guy you were on the phone with Thursday?" 

"Yessss...", she answered avoiding my gaze.

"Ali has been talking about that nonstop", I mentioned
"I figured she was", Liu replied quietly. Then she put her hand into the air as a sign to stop talking.

Liu talked to guy on the phone, but I didn't really listen. Then she said that I should search a street which wasn't very difficult because it was right in front of us.

"Thank you so much, Derek! You're amazing!", Liu said. I thought the call would come to an end now and so I stood up. But there was one thing I noticed: Liu hadn't been talking to Sam...

"Wow, that was so nice of him! And you're dating his brother?" Magdalena asked.

"I'm not dating anyone",s he said.
 I didn't bother asking more as we walked inot Versace.

I think both of us did very well, though Liu seemed into thoughts as she watched me walking. Normally, I wouldn't have payed attention to that because when I walked, I walked and nothing else. But Liu had been so nice to me and she was one of the few girls who were. I noticed that I didn't want her to be disappointed.

Then, at Valentino, she walked in front of me. Liu was awesome, with a strong pose at the end. I was sure that they wouldn't even notice me behind that girl. And I thought about that. It seemed like this was Liu's exact plan. She wanted to outshine me! But since jealousy is a sign that you're doing something right, I didn't mention it later on. In fact, we didn't say anything on our way to Missoni.

I wanted to do the same thing as Liu and blocked her. But different from me, she asked me about it when we were in the mansion again.

"What was that back there?",s he asked and put her hands at her side.

"What? At Missoni?", I said and Liu nodded.

"Me being a model", I simply answered and forced a little smile.

"By walking right in front of me on purpose, hands on your hips and all, blocking me from view?"

"Hypocrite, you were doing the same thing at Valentino. Admit it", I pointed towards her, but I didn't mean it in a mean way. Liu seemed to understand.

"Was not!... Well, okay, I was", she laughed.

"Exactly", I grinned. "We're even, okay?"
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