This set is for @wonderstruck-wildchild because it's inspired by her and because she's amazing. Wish you good luck for tomorrow hun ;)
Hope you like it <3<3<3

"Hey, don't you want to join us upstairs, Magda?", Julia asked. "You know, SATC..."

I smiled at her, but my thoughts were somewhere else. "I'll come down later, okay? Reserve a place for me."

Julia looked at me curiously. "You know, if you have any... problems, you can come to me and we'll talk, right? You don't have to handle everything on your on. Sometimes, even you need friends."

I looked at her in surprise. "No it's nothing, really. But Julia?", I called after her before she could finally leave. "Thank you. I'll come back to this. And... if you want to, I'll be there for you, too."

Julia smiled and nodded, then she left and I was alone. I sighed and took my brush to have some distraction. I detangled my hair and looked into the mirror. Who was that girl inside of it? I had been so happy about the mansion, very excited. I thought I'd make some friends here, but now it seemed like nobody really liked me. Even Liu, who I had had the most contact with, acted strange sometimes. I knew I could be mean and snappy, but I didn't do it on purpose. It as more because... yes, because I was shy. 

"Girls night!", Ali shouted and opened the door. I was so shocked that I let my brush fall down. "Oh, Magda", she greeted me as she noticed me. She looked won to the floor and tried to avoid my eyes. "I'm sure you don't want to join us, right?"

I took a step towards her, though I didn't know how to start. "Ali, I'm really, really sorry. We had such a bad start and I want to... I want to begin again, okay?", I asked shyly. 

"Well", she started, the she interrupted herself and took a deep breath. "It wasn't only your fault. It's always two, right? And... I'd be glad about a new start", she grinned. I flashed her a smile and followed her downstairs. 

"Come one!, Ali meant, but I shook my head before we could reach the living room. "I forgot something. I'll be back in a minute." 
I wanted to look for Sasha. I had a feeling like today would be good day to finally talk to her again. As soon as I reached the room, I heard sobs. I knocked, though and Sasha opened the door. Her face was red and she tried to wipe away the tears. She looked at me in surprise.

"Hey...", I said a little unsure whether I should leave or not. It seemed like she had a crisis and maybe Sasha wanted to be alone. But then I remembered Julia's words. 
"Hey", she answered coldly. 
" okay?", I wanted to know. Now, I wouldn't leave now, no matter what. 
"Im fine."
Both of us paused and we stood in front of each other in awkward silence. I took a closer look at her red face. And then I jumped over my shadow and hugged her. 
"I heard about what Kate said. It's going to be alright, Im here for you", I pointed out. 
"It's ok if you want to be alone. I just want to say, don't worry Sasha. It's not worth it-we all think you're a fantastic model, ok? The agency is just trying to scare you. I saw you at the Katy Perry video and you worked really hard so you have nothing to worry about", I continued very sincere. 
"Magda, that's so sweet of you!! I can't even-", Sasha stuttered. 
"-Sometimes, I can be nice. I'de like to be your friend Sasha. I'll help you", I interrupted her, nearly crying, too.
This time, Sasha hugged me, smiling. After that, I went downstairs, knowing that she needed some time to calm down again. I was happy that I solved the problems with her. If you got to really know her, she was such a sweet person and I'd meant what I'd said, a gorgeous model. Happily, I joined the others for the SATC night.

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