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Ali, MM 

Monday: Us models have the look, have the style, and have the strut. But some of us need to work on our personality. Because when you’re a model, you will be featured in interviews and of course, meeting designers. So the infamous Tyra Banks is visiting and she and Naomi will be giving us tips on how to present ourselves.

"And when you talk, the way you move, your gestures, everything, it's all you. And you are a model, which means you are putting yourself on display for potential costumers. You are selling yourselves, so make sure each move, word, gesture, fidget, is something that will stand out and make them think. And remember you." Tyra informed us all. We were at Magrelli Mansion, getting instructions from her and Naomi Campbell. 

Naomi spoke up next. "It is crucial to remember that your personality is one of the strongest selling points for a customer. You have to warm, inviting, intriguing and interesting, but above all, yourself. Be polite, shake hands, smile, you know already know this, but it's vital to remember that /this/ is what interests them the most."

They went on and on about the same things. I've been a model for a few years now and I know the drill. But maybe this instruction class was for the newbies? Apparently so, since Magdalena was pay zero attention.

Julia nudged me, she still looked out of it from her party on Saturday. She hadn't been talking to me much but her and Snejana had gotten ridiculously close lately. I wondered what was going on and what I'd missed on her party.

After Tyra and Naomi left, I told Julia to come with me to my room. I told her to cover her eyes.

"What is eet?" 

"Surprise," I said as I dragged her along. She was unbelievably weak today. 

Once we came in, she opened her eyes. Before them, was a large collage glued onto a poster. There was photos, magazine clippings, letters, everything. It was my gift to Julia. 

She turned around and squealed. "For me?!"

I nodded. "It's my belated present to you. It's a collage of me and you and all our memories, so far."

"Tank you, tank you, tank you!" she hugged me. "Dis is better dan all de other presents! You're de best, Ali!" she couldn't stop smiling.

I was interrupted by Magdalena as she trudged in. This time it looked like she was actually worried. "Did you see what happened to Karlie?"

"Huh?" I asked, worry taking over me. 

"You need to go see, you two are her friends anyway. It's pretty bad."

Julia was about to snicker but I knew she was nicer than than. "Come on, let us see vat happened to Karlie." she finally said.

xx, Ali 

[type "belated" if you read it all. ]

Wednesday: Fashion is just not big names like Pierre Balmain and Karl Lagerfeld. We’ve done high fashion shots and runways shows, now it’s time to campaign American sportswear. We will do fittings for designers like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger. Just like last time, you’ll be chosen on how much the designers like the model. However this time, the designers will come to us.

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