okay, the outfit in the set is for the 27. there’ll be two (or maybe three?!) stories in this set – cos I’m trying to catch up. nyah~ yes, I’m doing an alex right now lol!

Sept 25 – FREE DAY

No calls.
No texts.

 It’s been … two days. 
48 freaking hours since our big fight. 

Damn … I should have relented when he apologized.
No, I should NOT have thrown that shoe at him when he came into my room that night…

I turned, expecting to see the familiar grin and that cute dimples but instead it was Joe Zee – the Creative Director at ELLE. 
And he was staring at me. 
“Are you okay?” he asked, concerned as he leaned against my desk, placing a stack of papers next to my computer. 
“Yeah … I’m just a little tired,” I lied. “Is there anything I can do for you?” 
He studied me for another second or two before telling me to get coffee for the staff meeting later, and to pass the papers to everyone in the team. 
“It’s for the photoshoot this Saturday,” he beamed. “It’s going to be /big/!” 
Photoshoot … Saturday … Cameron DiVello. 
Double ergh!
Before he walked away, I decided to ask something.
Something that had been bugging me for a while – no, nothing to do with the fact that my boyfriend STILL hasn’t called me after the fight. 
“Joe,” I called out and he turned around, surprised.
“Yes, Lizzie?” 
He rested a hand on the edge of my desk, waiting for my response.
“About the shoot …”
He nodded. 
“I heard Rebecca recommended one of the girls … Cameron DiVello?” 
He looked away, as if deep in thought before smiling.
“Yes … DiVello,” he finally replied. “Rebecca spoke highly of her. Well I’m not surprised, since she’s trying to get into the DiVello’s good book …”
Rebecca? Trying to get close with the DiVellos? But why?
I didn’t have to ask any further because next thing I knew, Joe had answered all my questions.
“She’s dating who?!” 
Another intern sitting across my desk looked up before Joe hushed me. 
I looked up at him, still very surprised by the revelation.
“You did not hear this from me … okay?” 
I nodded, and watched as Joe walked away. 

How in the world can Rebecca Pinto … /the/ very classy and elegant and charming Rebecca Pinto be dating … Cameron’s /dad/???
It’s official – the world has gone whack.

Sept 26 

I ditched the high-tea party thing. 
So not my thing … plus who would I need to impress there? I’m not going to be a part of those snobby Ivy League crowd anyway.
Plus I was on a mission today.

To save my relationship with one of the hottest men on the planet. 

I took bigger and faster steps as I reached his place. 
I walked into the glitzy lobby, greeted the concierge guy with a huge smile and practically dashed through the elevator and when I got out I was sprinting towards his room … only to bump into something.
No – someone.
“Lizzie Davis?” 
I rubbed my forehead, cursing at the damn jerk who had blocked my way but when I looked up, I was greeted by a familiar looking face, staring back at me.
“Nate Carters? What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, surprised.
He scoffed.
“I /live/ here?” he replied, amused. 
He does? 
Wow … what a small world we live in. 
“Hey Nate I got the keys …” another guy appeared from behind him and when he saw me, he looked taken aback. “Sorry, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”
I shook my head and turned to face Nate, who was kind enough to explain the situation.
Apparently that guy’s his cousin. 
And they’re going out for a drink.
Nate’s cousin seemed like a pretty cool guy, though. 
“Wanna join us?” Nate asked. 
I declined gently. 
“I’m kinda supposed to meet someone right now,” I replied, looking over to Derrick’s apartment, just a few more steps from where we were standing.
Nate turned and followed my gaze, before a smile appeared across his face.
“Ah … Derrick Jenner.”
He knows?
Wait … of course he must know – they must have bumped into each other!
“Didn’t you know?” he suddenly turned to me. 
I stared at him, baffled. 
“Derrick’s not at home … I met him two nights back, and he told me he had to leave for his parents’ place. Something about an emergency or something like that…”
And then, everything went blank.
Nate’s mouth was moving, but I couldn’t hear a thing. 

That’s why he didn’t call me.
But he could have told me about it … no wait, we weren’t talking with each other so how could he tell me?!
Though what’s more shocking than all this was the fact that Derrick Jenner…
Had parents.
Now /that/ was the real shocker…

“So Lizzie,” Nate’s voice suddenly jolted me back. 
I looked up to face him and noticed he’d been looking at me all this while.
“Me and my cousin are going to leave now. You might want to head over to his parents’ place though,” he said.
“Yeah, sure,” I replied and then I realized that I have no idea where his parents’ place was. 
“See you around,” Nate managed a timid wave at me before walking towards the elevator, followed by his cousin, who stopped to turn and faced me. 
“I’m Zack, by the way,” he spoke, holding out a hand, which I shook lightly. “Nice to meet you, Lizzie. Maybe we’ll see each other soon.”
“Yeah, nice to meet you too.”
The two boys soon disappeared into the elevator and then, it was just me, standing alone in the hallways.
Like a fool.
And my mission?
It just went down the sewers, along with all my hopes and dreams…

“Hello, Miss Davis,” the housekeeper greeted me as I stepped into the penthouse, suddenly feeling familiar with the place. “We didn’t expect your arrival today…”
Before I could explain to the petite little lady, I was cut off by a familiar guy in a yellow suit.
“Lizzie?” he walked towards me, looking either surprised or amused. “My dear Lizzie Davis …”
“Hey Robert,” I greeted him. “Sorry I came unannounced.”
The housekeeper walked away and disappeared into one of the rooms along the hallway. 
“So … what can I do for you?”

{the part where Lizzie + Rob cook up something will be kept a secret. dun dun dun….!}

Sept 27 – Char’s Magazine Cover Party.

The only reason I came to this party was because Char went to mine – and it only seemed right to return the favor.
Plus she seemed like a cool girl, with an equally cool career and connections…
“Congratulations on your first cover!” I told her when I finally could come over and greet her. “It’s totally stunning!”
Char was sweet, and we had a short conversation about fashion and models before she was pulled away by someone from Seventeen magazine.
I sighed.
I mingled with the other guests, mostly editors and a few big names from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar. It was déjà vu, because everything felt like the night of the ELLE party.
And I didn’t even bump into anyone I knew. 
Which is both good and bad.
Good because that means God heard my prayers to keep Cameron DiVello far /far/ away from me and bad because I felt lonely like f*ck. 

And for the first time in history, I left the fabulous party early.
Got home and went to bed early.
And then I cursed and swore at a certain girl until I felt asleep, wondering what the hell had happened to my wonderful life … 
Before the sudden blaring of a familiar ringtone woke me up…


{sorry if some parts don't make sense; i wrote this in hurry ... but more explanations in the next set!}
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