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WEDNESDAY: When classes are over for the day, a lot of the girls will be going to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt and a gossip session.

I sat down on my bed and waited for something to happen. Sure, the school was amazing and my grades were great as usual. But something was missing: Real friends. I had contact to a few girls, but it wasn't like back in New York where everyone had adored me and wanted to be friends with me until.. well, until I slept with Drew. He'd been my best friend's boyfriend and no, I didn't love him. But he was there when nobody else was and so one thing after the other happened. Plus, the affair had been pretty exciting for both of us. I could totally understand Lilly, my best friend, but truth be told, it wasn't only my fault. She blamed me for everything, though. And she knew to much about me... things nobody else knew. As soon as she found out about Drew and me, she spread nasty rumor about me and said it could be even worse. So Lilly forced me to leave my New York, my kingdom. Now she was the adored girl and was back with Drew. 
No matter what I'd done to her and she to me, I still missed her. I had nobody to talk. 
Suddenly, somebody knocked at the door.

"Mind if I come in, Georgina?", Kristin asked. We had sat together in a few classes and except for her style which tended to be strange from time to time, she was quite nice. 

"Okay", I shrugged and grabbed a few books out of my bag.

"Oh, do you want to study?", she asked. "I didn't want to interrupt you. But I don't know... would you like to go shopping with me?"

I thought about it. I could really use someone around me and Kristin wasn't the worst choice. Plus, I ´didn't really have another choice. 

"Sounds great", I smiled and threw on my coat. I looked into the mirror one last time. My hair was perfect as was my outfit. What didn't really fit in was my smile... it was too fake.

As soon as we walked through the streets, we had many themes worth talking about. 

"Why did you come here? I mean, New York!", Kristin meant and looked at me curiously. 

"Well, I wanted to... see something else. Make some experiences. Oh, look at this hot guy over there!", I exclaimed to change the subject. But then I saw that he was with a girl who was pregnant. "Oh, never mind."

"What the hell?", Kristin stuttered, her eyes pinned on the couple. I noticed tears in her eyes and took another look at them. 

"Kris, what's up?", I asked, a bit worried. But she just shook her head. The she turned around and ran away. I followed her for some time, but then I knew where she wanted to go and slowed down. She was on the way to our dorm. 

"Strange", I mumbled. I made the decision to look after Kristin later and to give her time to calm down. 
I walked into my room and closed the door behind me. I went straight to my closet. On the door, right at the mirror, there hang a little package with a Tiffany blue bow wrapped around it. I searched for a card, but there was none so I opened the package. I held a little Tiffany bag in my hand. Now I was really excited. I opened it and let the things inside of it fall into my hands. There were... little colorful pills.
I gasped. That wasn't good! Next to my feet there was a white card. I took it and read:

"Lonely? Don't forget your old friends...
and enemies, G! xoxo"

That couldn't be true! How did they find me here?, I thought. The next thought was: I need to get rid of this. Instead of throwing the pills out of the window, I put them into some summery ballet flats at the back of my closet. Right in time, because then, Victoire appeared without knocking. 

"What are you doing biitch?", she asked and sat down on my desk, her thin legs wrapped around themselves twice. 

"N...nothing", I stuttered and tried to hide how shocked I was. 

"Well, I just wanted to check in. I didn't see you much around the last week. Are you alright?", Victoire asked twisting a strand of her hair around her finger.

I so wanted to tell her about everything. But I couldn't. It would destroy me and everything I had. My image, my future, my family...

"I'm just busy with school", I explained. "I need to keep my grades up."

"Sure", Victiored nodded, already bored. "Okay, see you later." She blew a kiss towards me and walked out of my room. As soon as she was outside, I bursted into tears.

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