FRIDAY: Let's meet your roommates! The lists will be out today so you'll move in.
castle walls - t.i ft. christina aguilera
make me perfect
marcy chambers - body


*still have to finish*

-Marcy P.O.V-

I walked over quietly to the noticeboard where the list of room-mates hung. Watching as I saw other girls read the names on the list, I watched their expressions turn to many different things; happiness, anger, sadness and many more which sparked my curiousity up. As I came face to face with the paper I ran my index finger down the list untill I spotted my name. It read 'Zara.......Marceline'. Oh how I loathed it when people called me by my full name instead of Marcy which is basically my allias. Either way I couldn't help but thinking about what this Zara girl would be like I guess we would find out right?

I approached my new dorm room trailing my /many/ suitcases behind me. What can I say? I have a lot of stuff, mainly clothes though, Every girl needs to look their best at all times. Excelence should not be encouraged but expected. As I opened the door, I realised that Zina, wait that's not right well whatever her name was had not yet arrived. With a lazy shrug I strolled inside and over to a elegant styled bed placing my suitcases on the top of it 'claiming' it as mine like a dork or something would do.
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