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So, i need ideas for who to use for this character, if anyone can suggest any people to use, i would be eternally grateful!

@elizabeth-kate - help me please haha! 

here is the bio;

Name, age; Katherine ‘Katie' White, 26
novel inspired by; The Lucky One
quote; “Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doin’ them with the right people.
likes; days by the lake, her Nana, her daughter, looking after the dogs (sometimes), the sun when it’s not too hot, cooking, lazy days with her family, 
dislikes; her ex husband, being stuck in the office when it’s boiling, hurricane season, the dogs barking all together, the fact her Nana has been ill lately, the way her ex treats their daughter, the way her ex thinks he rules the town and her life.
occupation; school teacher
bio; born and bred in Charleston, North Carolina, Katie’s life hasn’t been smooth sailing at all. She lost her parents when she young and has been living with her Nana ever since. Being what you called a nerd at school, she was flattered by the attention off Carter James, a high school senior and all around popular guy. One thing led to another and Katie found herself pregnant, her college plans down the drain within 2 minutes of taking a test. Carter proposed to her not long after, and although not sure, she was swept away with the idea of bringing up her child in a happy family so she married him and when they had their daughter, Rae, she was delighted. However, the marriage ended 9 months later and she moved back in with her Nana and has brought up Rae on her own ever since. Sure, Carter takes her for a couple weekends but he is more interested in flow of young women entering his front door and trying to make his daughter into the son he never had. Content with being on her own, Katie barely has time for dates anymore but when a handsome stranger comes and takes the job at the kennels, Katie can’t help but be intrigued by him, although a part of her is eager to stay away, his old life reminding her too much of what she has lost already.
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