I need model help guys, i need someone who is brunette and can pass for looking italian. emily, alyssa and gemma are the only ones i can come up with but other model suggestions will be appreciated or just say who you like more! Thanks guys :D

this will be finished once i have a model

☠ NAME: Renata Bassani
AGE: 25
BIRTH PLACE: Sicily, Italy
FROM: Italian Clan
BIO: The Bassani names carries a lot of weight throughout the region of Sicily and the majority of Italy. It is a name associated with the only thing that can make Italian men’s blood run cold; the mafia. Born into the now almost glamorous life of the Sicilian mafia, Ren has never really known any other way of life. The offspring of an American socialite with a severe drug habit and an Italian ‘business’ man, who funds his wife’s lavish lifestyle, Ren has only ever known life around the mafia. When she was old enough to understand what her father did for a living and realising what the ‘meetings’ her father conducted were, Ren did not want anything to do with it and instead, she moved to America to live with her maternal grandparents whilst she studied medicine at Yale. Enjoying life outside of shady dealings and regular hits, Ren was half way through her internship when she received a phone call to say her father had been near fatally wounded in a hit. Without thinking about it, she hopped on the next flight, abandoning her dreams of becoming a doctor and flew back to her father, who she nursed back to almost full health. It was during this time of seeing her father weak and helpless because of another family that she decided to do the one thing she swore she would never do; join the Italian clan. It took her father some persuading but he finally agreed to her involvement and she was then welcomed into the family by Lorenzo. 3 years on and with her knowledge of medicine, Ren is a valuable asset to the clan and is often on hand to deal with injuries ranging from minor to the severe. Although she is not a doctor, she knows this is the closest she will ever come to achieving her dreams and if she can help in any way to aid the clan and her father, she will do it. Her smart mind is also an asset that is used on a regular basis, as well as her killer looks and in the 3 years she has been a part of the family, she knows how to use the skills she has in order to help the family to get what they need and will use any means to do so.
MODEL: undecided
COLLECTION: coming soon
USERNAME: @vicks
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