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i LOVE that top. ohmygoodness the embellishments are PERFECT. And I really like the layout of this set! It's really simple, but it still looks decent :)

This set brings me back to my 4th and 5th grade days. I was OBSESSED with Ancient Egypt. And by obsessed, I really mean obsessed. Every book I got from the library...Ancient Egypt. Every project where I was allowed to pick the topic...Ancient Egypt. 

When we went to the basement because of the severe thunderstorm sirens (i know, what lovely weather we have in MN!), I found my fourth grade poster on Hieroglyphics. It was actually very detailed. My teacher loved it so much that she laminated it! 

Ooh! My 12-year-old brother just developed his own COMPUTER GAME. It's really simple, you just have to drag your cursor to a maze, but it's so cool! If you touch the walls of the maze, a screen comes up that says "you lose". If you go through the maze without touching the walls, it says "you win!" 

Isn't that cool? He made it on Adobe Flash. I'm so proud of my brother...I could never dream of making a game! For right now, I'll just stick to my graphic design hobby :P

xoxo, S. ♥
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