Ultra Modern than before with h-h-handsome KAI~

Today my precious feeling was like:http://maii-e-x-o-things.tumblr.com/post/91692317040/how-to-kill-your-fangirls-by-kaiiiiiii-step1
(very happy :)

but got ruined by someone and then was like:http://rainie-minnie.tumblr.com/post/92209594401
F.ck you bitc* 

Anyway thanks to @christabella-98 we have this boy aka our personal happy pill
Kai's smile cure any bad mood away:http://rainie-minnie.tumblr.com/post/92038494365

It's been a long time ,really !
beside we've the same crush gosh i can't find one in real life who got a crush on same guy(s) like me
(but i'm happy idw anyone got the same crush as mine in real life lol)
have to admitted it ,not just Kai but Baek also double combo. also we've similar favorite stuff in common how come i recognized awhile ago.
 i think i should including @fashionista26 in da gang too if i'm not wrong. KaiBaek Kai Kai#1 

The dude Kai is so cool (still in process to make myself get rid annoying stuff) that why today i have make a set with him again.
look like i using him for an excuse ,actually i just want to make Kai set no need for a reason but my mind keep repeating F.CK YOU BITC* well is the right time to down my temper with super F.CK HOT KAI instead of an exploded valcano high.

And really work:)

#personalstyle #urban #modern
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