Modern Bourgeois ♕ {MB}

❖ Margaret Anne Elizabeth
age: 20
from: london, england
status: princess of wales, daughter to the king and queen of england
The guest of honor to the marriage court, and future queen of France. Margaret is probably the sweetest, and prettiest young lady you will ever meet. The youngest of the British royal family, many call her the 'Rose of England'. Margaret is very patriotic, intelligent, well-read, and believes strongly in the old traditions of her royal line. So when the arranged marriage to Prince Louis was first proposed by her parents, she was actually quite fond of the idea. The whole thing reminds her of the old ways of the kingdom. While she has only spoke to her fiance and Marie through letters, she looks forward to the wedding court and her move to France. She knows the French kingdom and royals are much more gaudy, pretentious, and less-conservative than the British monarchy and her only worry is she will not fit in.
model: maud welzen
owner: hopefully @shedefiesreality

❖ Top 5:
{I don't have a lot of time for roleplays so unless I have a character that I am really interested and invested in, I don't have the motivation to stay active. So if I don't get my first choice I will probably not be in the roleplay. I don't want to take a role that I won't stay active in if there are people who will stay active in it. So if I don't end up getting Margaret I probably won't stay in the roleplay. But here is my top 5 anyway}
1. Sabine
2. Patricia
3. Kiera
4. Wilhelmina
5. Astrid

❖ Collection:

❖ 5 unique facts:
1. Margaret actually enjoys riding side saddle rather than full saddle like most people do. It reminds her of the way ladies used to ride in the old kingdom.
2. You will never see Margaret in a pair of pants. That’s because she doesn’t own any. She much prefers wearing a skirt or a dress. She is very girly in that way.
3. Although Margaret is rounded and intelligent, she can also be very naive sometimes. She has only ever lived and been to England, never out of her country. She has also been pampered like a princess (because she is) all her life. So though she knows about life in the middle and lower class, and she respects those people, she's never had a taste of that life. She isn't spoiled or pompous, but she can be a bit naive. 
4. Margaret can be very self-conscious. She grew up in the lime light because she is part of the royal family. She's always making sure that she looks her best and she says the right things and she acts the right way. The paparazzi has never seen anything bad about her, and everyone views her as a great princess, but she still wants to make sure that she is still seen that way when she goes to France. 
5. Margaret doesn't like dispointing people. When she was younger, her mother once found her playing in the mud outside with a stable boy, which upset her very much. Ever since then Margaret does anything she can to not disapoint her parents or her people. It's one of the main reasons as to why she is always looking at the old traditions of the royal line, and what princesses used to do. She sees that as some sort of guidline for her to live by in order to find a way not to disapoint anyone. So if you can't find Margaret anywhere, make sure to check the library because she might be doing her research on the old tradtitions of the royal line. 

❖ Audition Q&A

(in character - interview with press)

1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?
 Well, I come from London, England. I’ve lived there all my life. Actually this is my first time ever leaving my country, England. I mean, I’ve travelled a lot around my country but never out of it. I never really had to, until now of course. I'm sure I'll miss it. I've made a lot of memories here and going to a new place means starting fresh and leaving everything else behind. I think I'll miss my family the most, especially my brother and sister. They are very happy for me of course, but I'm hoping on the inside they will miss me too.
But who says starting fresh is a bad thing? I think it'll be good for me, starting anew. Who knows, maybe I'll become a completely different person! 

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?
 Marie is my fiance’s sister. So, my soon to be sister-in-law. I’ve only ever met her and her brother over letters, but she seems like a charming young lady. She’s only ever been kind to me, and she seems so very excited about our marriage. It was actually her idea to create this wedding court. She said she it would help me get to know all the socialites of the country I’ll be living in, and ruling over, soon. 

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?
 Hmm, well, I suppose one of my strengths is that I try to be kind to anyone, even if they are not kind to me. I think that everyone deserves to have some sort of kindness brought upon them, no matter how awful they might have been. I think thats a strength because a royal figure cannot earn respect from her people if she is unkind to them. I think another strength of mine would be that I don't often get angry. My mother seemed to like that when I was younger because I never had any tempertantrums like my sister and brother did. But anger to me is an emotion that makes me feel out of control, and I would rather be in control of myself, so I'm glad I don't normally get angry. 
That kind of goes into another strength of mine. I like to stay positive whenever I can. I really try to stay optimistic even in the most dismal situations. Of course, there are always times when I can't stay positive, but I try to keep those to a minimum. I think people tend to stay around people who are positive rather then negative. 
One of my biggest weaknesses I would say is that I care a lot about what people think of me. Sometimes I think I have to, because it seems as though everyone is watching what I'm doing, and waiting for me to mess up. So I have to care what people see, but my sister thinks that it's a weakness of mine. She may just be saying it because I take too long to get ready in the morning, but she says that I have to be myself and I can't change myself just to suit what other people want. So I suppose thats a weakness. 

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?
Well, obviously I am looking forward to the wedding. The entire idea is very exciting for me. Even though I’ve never met Prince Louis, he seems like the most charming gentleman. I feel honored to be betrothed to him. I agreed immediately after my father told me of the engagement. I feel like a princess from the old kingdom, having an arranged marriage. 
I’m also looking forward to meeting all the people who will be in the wedding court. I hope that 3 months is enough time for me to get settled and possibly make some new friends before the wedding is to happen. That’s really important to me. I won't lie, I am quite nervous about going to Versailles. Since I've never been out of my country, I don't know how different, or maybe how similar, it will be to England. I really want to fit in there. If I am to be a royal figure in their court, I want to make sure that the people of France can accept me. All of that is very important to me. That is why I am so grateful to Marie for allowing me this time to get to know the people of the court and the people of France. I just want to make sure I fit in there.

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?
I think the world should know that I am commited to this engagement. People know that it is an arranged marriage and that I have only ever spoken to Prince Louis through letters, and I think that people expect me to back down if I find myself not in love with him. But that is not true; I am commited to this arrangement and I will not go back on my word. Princesses in the old kingdom were barely ever allowed to marry whom they chose. In fact, some princesses loved a man but ended up marrying another prince because he was her betrothed. That happened to my great-great-great grandmother actually. It took all her will not to run away with the man that she loved. But she said her duty was to the people, and she needed to stay in her place as princess and marry the man she was arranged to marry.
And who says I won't fall in love with Prince Louis. He is quite handsome, and he is intelligent and kind, and he seems to be one of the most charming men I have ever met... or written to. So at the very least, I must develop a fondness for him. 
I just want everyone to know that I won't back down or go crying home back to england if things don't turn out perfectly. I may be a princess, but I'm not spoiled. I know where my place is and I know where my duties lie. I won't disapoint my new country... I hope. 

(out of character)
~ why did you choose this character?
I think I can relate to Margaret the most, and I think I’ll be able to portray her well. Her fear of not fitting in is very familiar to me, and I think I will be able to use that very well. I was always drawn towards Margaret but at first it was hard for me to figure her out. She didn't seem to have much to her, and she didn't seem very dimensional. But when I started to fill out those questions, and I worked on the character study collection, I really think I started to get into her head. I think I was able to take what you had given me in the bio and expand it and shape it into a character was dimensional and that I could picture myself in. I feel like I really understand Margaret, so I just hope I get the chance to play out her story. 

~ can you honestly be active?
I can be active in a character that interests me and that I can play off of. As in, if I can expand and continue the story of my character then I can be active. And also if I have a character that actually interests me then I can be active because I will have motivation to write stories and make sets. I do have a busy schedule, but with a character I love and I am invested in, I make time to stay active. 
~ why should we choose you for this character?
 A lot of the reasons I said above. I think I will be able to play this character very well. I really understand her and I find myself knowing what she would do in each situation. I think that writing stories for her and through her point of view will be relatively easy for me. I can definitaley see this character going somewhere, and I can see a lot of different stories unfolding with Margaret. 

{Ok. @modern-bourgeois, @the-clary-project, and @esprit-de-escalier, I believe I am officially done with my audition}
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I Am High-Class.

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Oh, The Beauty | RP Models (@esprit-de-escalier)
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Welcome to Court...

Welcome to Court...

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Welcome lovely ladies to the world of Versailles and your new home at court for the next three months...
◆ Pick a character and follow the audition format
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