January 5, 2013

This set is dedicated for all of YOU! Thank you for being there in 2013. (It's impossible to tag all of you, but know that I'm thinking of you in my heart) ♥♥♥
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Hi Lovelies!

I need to ask myself. What do I want to do with my future. I admit. I'm in love with fashion. I had epiphanies of blogging or doing something more with fashion, expressing my style, designing and all of the above. But I've been put in a place where I'm expected to go be stellar at science and go in a field of health care. Not that I'm forced to, but that's what I thought I could be. But after many classes in school, I still love health, but I feel that I don't like it as much as fashion. Everyone is supportive of my health care plans, but I'm actually terrible at science. My grades have been more of a struggle too, since I've been in a stressful stage in 2013. I even went to the E.R. for the third time this year (2013) due to chronic stress, putting me out of school for a week. I'm so confuse. Keep in mind I'm 15 years old (16 in a month), a sophomore in high-school, feeling as if time is running out. There's so much to do, so much expected, but me and my petite body can't handle it all. My resolution this year is to learn myself. Who I am. I also want to start a fashion blog or some sort sometime. I'm this bubbly personality around my classmates and friends who is a loving and caring individual but most don't know what hides inside. I've never called myself ugly once, but I'm rather insecure of my body. It makes me feel like I'm hiding from the world. I'm a 5’1” girl, weighing at 70 lbs. I'm completely healthy according to doctors, but I look sick. I'm literary skin and bone and it doesn't help that I can't wear much makeup due to my severe xerotic eczema on my face. Sometimes I don't feel like a typical teen. This year, I have the confidence to tell you guys what I've been struggling through since I started polyvore. My current dream is to start a fashion blog. It may be too much, but I always say that and changing my mind….so I’d like to begin now. I know that you guys are the most supportive individuals out there besides my family. & I never ask anything from you guys, but if you could really support me this year, I promise a healthier Heidi. I want my sweet words to mean something to me for once not just for others. I need to not only care for others but for myself. 2014 here I come. ♥

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