Modern day Danica (Slavic mythology - warrior goddess and morning star)

She is depicted as a warrior goddess, fully armed and courageous, and was invoked to protect against death in battle with the prayer "Defend me, O maiden, with your veil from the enemy, from the arquebus and arrow..."
She is a patroness of horses, protection, exorcism, and the planet Venus, and Slavs would pray to her each morning as the sun rose. In some tales, she sits under the World Tree on the fiery-stone Alatuir, from which run the four rivers of the Otherworld, and under her seat flows the river of healing.
In some myths, she is described as the wife of Perun and would accompany her husband into battle. In this role she was known to protect those warriors she favoured against death by letting down her veil.
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Wrote 11 months ago
hej :) drago mi je da ti se sviđa :)

Wrote 11 months ago
Mene zovu "Danica", prelepo si ovo skupila :)


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