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ok so i got tagged to do a set on me, coincidentally by @the-girl-who-stole-the-moon and @littlewounds - thank you! this was a fun tag to do. :) (oops sorry i tagged wrong person at first! eek! sorry)

-Make a set on you.-

• Find a model who have your hair style, and hair type. - well this was a tough one because my hair is combination with frizzy bits. it's long, dark brown and i don't have a fringe, though, so the closest i could find was hailee steinfield's in that picture :) 

• Find pictures of your favorite animals. - I've never really been an animal person to be honest.. That and I'm allergic to some. I do think bunnies and deer, and birds are lovely, though, especially in jewellery. 
• Favorite Activities. - hmmm am I allowed to say food? if so, sushi! with lots of avocado. yum yum. oh and english breakfast tea, my favourite. haha. but I also enjoy watching tv shows like New Girl (Zooey), 30 Rock... and movies, too (Somewhere poster) mostly light-hearted stuff... i really can't take horror movies.

• Something that is you - perhaps some might say my punny and (lame - i beg to differ) sense of humour - sometimes I come up with the best puns, but I'll share this one I read somewhere... What did the clock do when it was hungry? It went back four seconds 0:) teehe :)

• Optional: Personality type, favorite books, favorite color, favorite thing, etc.
Well I'm probably an introvert.. but I would really like to improve my self-confidence.. also i think i'm a little OCD. must wash my hands before eating, paranoid of dusty air... haha do i sound crazy yet?
favourite colour? it used to be light lime green but now I don't really have a preference anymore. Oh, also I procrastinate waaay too much.. and speaking of which, I should do some work nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlatermaybe
wow congrats on reading all of that! 

ok and i'm going to leave this tag open becauseee i'm meant to be on some sort of 'hiatus' because i really wanted to focus on school and no more polyvore yet i am still here so i don't know. good-bye.

i might see you later.

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