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Liza Bushmanov
~ Wednesday Feb 23rd – Jude & Maylea are doing a small and free show at the popular hipster cafe, '101 Coffee Shop'. The store is small so its first come first serve for fans, but all the 'MOK' kids have been reserved a table. Afterwards the group is going to hit up the 'Boulevard Club' night-club.

I started clapping as Jude and Maylea bowed. They had done a great job! Especially Maylea, her vocals are so perfect, even her guitar playing. I ran up to her after her performance and gave her a bear hug. 
"Maylea! You killed it!"

She was glowing. "Thanks, Liza." she hugged me back and then she was bombarded with a few other girls and guys. She winked me a "goodbye" which meant "see you at the club". I laughed and encouraged Jude. 

Bridin came to me. "Hey, wanna hit the club tonight?" 

"Why not?" I said, excitedly, looking for my purse. 

"C'mon, let's go, then." She waited, a little impatiently.

I couldn't find my purse anywhere. It was bright orange, shouldn't it be easy to find? I searched everywhere. I looked under the tables and I even started asking other people if they'd seen it. "Um...Brid...."

"...What?" She asked, worried.

"I can't find my purse." I stated, feeling dumb. "I can't go to the club without it. I'm only fake ID's in there and...ugh, my money and my phone. I'm going to have to skip today."

Bridin frowned. "What's this, Liza?" she was dangled a orange purse in front of my face. It wasn't my purse. It looked really close, but it wasn't a Proenza Schouler. 

I shook my head. "Brid...that's not it...."

"You're all dressed for the club, though! Look at your magenta poofy shoulders and your bright skirt! You're going dancing tonight, no matter what. With ID or without ID." she encouraged me, dragging me into the car.

I shrugged. "Okay, you have a fake one to spare?"

She winked. "Of course I do. They don't call me Bridin for no reason." She handed me one. I was so ecstatic. There'd been those days I could sneak in without my ID but now I was getting more recognized now and it would be so embarrassed to get kicked out. 

"Thanks," I whispered as Sophia and Addie piled in behind me. I was still crazy worried about my wallet. It only had $50 in it but it had my cards and pictures that are dear to my heart in my purse. And my phone. I could just buy another...but my information... 


At the club, people were getting crazy and I was getting really tired. I needed to save my energy for the Dior show this weekend. My walk was going to have to be perfect, so I didn't dance too much. I was worried the entire time.

A tall, familiar guy sat next to me, at the bar. He looked so familiar, it was bothering me that I couldn't remember. Finally, he spoke up. "Hey, Liza?"

He knew my name. "Hi? Do you know me?"

"Yeah, I'm Nathan. From Victoria's Secret. I'm the new photographer. I took your pictures down for you. You gave me your number." He was smiling, mega-watt. What struck me about him was that he wasn't drunk and he was actually really sweet.

"Nate! Oh, I remember now." I laughed. "Were you at the Coffee shop earlier?"

"Yeah," he said, casually, ordering a drink. 

I smiled. "I don't know if you could help me, but..I lost my purse there..."

"...And you're looking for it? I didn't know this was your's." Nathan said, taking a bright neon orange-tangerine colored purse out of a plastic bag. I hadn't even seen the plastic bag yet.

My eyes grew wide. "Oh my gosh! You found it! Thank you soooooo much, Nathan!" I jumped up and hugged me tightly. It wasn't like me, to do that, but I was beyond overjoyed. I grabbed the purse and clutched it to my heart. I opened it and saw that everything was inside. "Thank you so much!"

"Ah, it was nothing. You say that a lot."

"What?" I said, distractedly.

"Thank you." He answered. "You shouldn't say it too much."

I blushed. "Oh...okay. Sorry."

"And don't say that either." Nathan laughed. 

"Alright. What should I say then?" I asked, biting my lip flirtatiously. 

Nathan looked at me intently. He was inches away from my face. He leaned in. "Nothing," he whispered as his mouth met mine. It was amazing--the 20 seconds of it--but I saw lights flashing and our little moment was over. Paparazzi had found me. Great. Way to ruin a moment. 

"I..I... should go." I said, getting up and shooing the paparazzi away. They always got me at the worst possible time."I'll make it up to you, for what you did. Thanks again. Oops, i said it!" 

Nathan couldn't stop laughing. "Don't worry about it,"

When I got home, I ate a quick dinner and got ready for sleep. I was putting my long hair into a messy bun as my phone buzzed. I smiled as I read the text:

Nathan: You could make it up to me by going on a date.

Even though I'd only known him for a while, he was so different from other guys. He'd helped me twice, in my times of need. Why not give it chance? He was incredibly hot too. I texted him back with a smiley face. 


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