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Liza Bushmanov, 17
~ Friday Feb 25th – Svea, Addie, and Liza will all be walking in a 'Dior' fashion show in West Hollywood and all the 'MOK' kids have been given front row seats. Addie had been picked as the show's finale model, however with the recent publicity, whether negative or not, around Liza's nude photos caused them to change Liza to the finale model. Addie was a bit upset at the news. 

"Go, go, go!" Someone shouted at me, motioning me to go to hair and makeup. A short blonde stylist groaned when she saw me. She knew I was the girl with long, long, Rapunzel-long hair and that it would take more time to get my hair done. She shrugged her shoulders and started straightening my hair, probably focusing on how much money she'd make instead. 

I tried to relax, but backstage at any fashion show (especially Dior!) was always opposite of calm or relaxed--hectic. Girls were running around everyone looking for shoes, getting hair done, getting make up done, half-dressed, screaming, and frantically moving about. Some of the anorexic ones were purging in the bathrooms or crying over their barely noticeable tummy bulges. 

Backstage at any fashion show was not paradise. 

Finally, my hair was done and my outfit was on and my makeup was perfected. An oriental guy in all black signaled me to get in a line. Eventually, it was my turn. I was going to walk my first look on the runway. Suddenly, I forgot about the world. I forgot about my friends. I forgot about Nate. I forgot about life. I even forgot that I was modeling on a Dior runway. I left all my worries backstage and took the first step...

....and I felt hot lights all over me. Cameras, talking, noise, music, the click-clack of my heels was almost inaudible. The cameras felt good, welcoming, inviting. They were better than the irritating clicks of paparazzi. As I walked, I thought of all the magazines, websites and countless other pages that I would be in. This made me relaxed, not nervous. I knew I was going to nail this. As I came to the end, I posed with both arms relaxed but my shoulder was turned up a bit, in a cute smirk. I turned around, winked, and walked back. Out of the corner of my eye, I could feel Addie's presence but I ignored it. She was not going to steal my moment. 

I went backstage, quickly changed into my next outfit and as a stylist was shoving a dress onto me, I almost thought it ripped, but it was only my imagination. I saw Addie struggling to get into a skirt and her stylist was snickering. Svea walked up to me and said, "Good luck on the finale walk."

Next came Addie. "Yeah, break a leg, b*tch."

"I will. I'll break both. One for you to keep for your memory and the other so you can sign the cast." I smiled innocently and went to drink some water. That girl for some reason had jealous written all over her. Even though my insult-comeback didn't really make sense, it was something to shut her up. 

It was my turn. All the girls had gone. The show was coming to a close. I was going to walk....

I made sure the runway was clear incase Addie had done anything to make me slip or fall. I checked my shoes for oil, or grease (who knows what Addie can do?) and then I got nervous. Really nervous. I breathed in deeply and then I was pushed onto the runway without a notice. I walked like I owned the catwalk, and at the end, right before I turned, I winked and half-smiled a coy little smile. I bit my lip nonchalantly and raised an eyebrow barely half a centimeter. Maybe it was too much. Maybe it wasn't enough. Who cares. It was done with. It was over. 


"Oh my kosh, Elizaveta, per-fact, per-fact wok! Zhu made eet luke bew-tifal! Kret job, kret job!" Antonia's new helper/stylist congratulated me as I was getting my hair undone and my makeup taken off. 

"Thank you, Annalise." I said for the billionth time. My face was red from smiling and I was tired as if I'd walked a marathon without water--which was partially true. 

Bridin, Astrid, Maylea, Nathan, Babs and even shallow Addie came up to congratulate me. It's not like I'd won something... but maybe I did. 

Antonia came up to me as the show had died down and everyone was gone. "Liza, I'm so proud of you! You were amazing up there! I have great news for you, dear!"

I thought I couldn't hear any more good news. Hadn't I just walked the finale look at a Dior fashion show? How could there possibly be more good news? 

"Vogue Italia contacted me minutes after the show. They were watching from the seats... and... they're still thinking about it... but they wanted to put you on the cover of Vogue Italia." Antonia informed. I could tell she was trying to stifle her excitement for me. She didn't want me to get my hopes up, because they were only 'considering it'.

I shrieked. "VOGUE?! COVER?! ME?!" I almost fainted but Antonia held me still.

She repeated, "Yes, it's Vogue. But remember, Vogue Italia. That's Italian Vogue, my dear Liza."

"I don't care if it's Italian, Lebanese or Croatian...Antonia, it's VOGUE!!!!!!" 


Type "jealousy" if you read it all. Am I hallucinating or what? This is real! <3
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