trying out for my old character [Gwen] in MOK


•NAME: Gwyneth 'Gwen' Duncan
AGE: 18
HOMETOWN: Cleveland, Ohio
PROFESSION: Actress: Supernatural Drama TV
ABOUT: Gwyneth is a big time dreamer from the a Midwest city. Gwyneth was the 'it-girl' in high-school. Though she seemingly had everything she still didn't have enough and her dream was to be an actress; and Ohio could not provide her with that chance. So the day after graduation Gwyneth packed up and left Ohio and made her way to LA to get the role of a lifetime. Now Gwyneth is the rising star of the new hit supernatural-vampire TV drama. However with finally getting the fame she has always wanted, she may also be a bit over her head.
MODEL: Tamsin Egerton
TAKEN BY: Mademoiselle Charlotte-▲


• The application is presented in an interview type setting, so please answer in-character:

o Please tell us a little about your-self and personality…
I am Gwyneth Duncan, you can call me Gwen. I am a new and rising star on the new and equally rising show. I star on a supernatural drama tv series. We are on our first season and already doing amazing and have signed on for a second season. It was amazing for me to gain this role since I just started looking for jobs three months ago. I am so lucky. Also my character is the favored one and I just love that people love me and my character.
I think I am nice and caring but others have called me conceited and b!tchy. I really don't care what the say, its all lies anyway. I do care about others, I care about my friends well being and I care that my show does well. I am also really nice to all my co-stars, I just love my cast and crew. I also hate when things don't go my way and I don't get what I want. So I warn everyone to not step in my way when I want something. 

o Where are you from? What was it like growing up, your home life?
I was born in Ohio and lived there with my parents until my graduation when I packed up and left for LA. Growing up m parents gave me everything I desired and more. In high school I was homecoming and prom queen both junior and senior year. I was the most popular girl at school and had boys falling at my feet. But Ohio couldn't promise me the fame I wanted so that's why I moved to LA to pursue my acting career and so far it's perfect. But my parents are a little upset with me since I didn't go to college but I don't think it is a big deal since I am doing so well already. They have set a limit on my money until I am 21 but they are still paying for my bills, so it is all good. 

o What are some of your hobbies and talents?
My talent is acting. I was in the theater at my high school. I was the lead for every play I was a part of. Standing Ovation too. Well anyway the critics love me on my show - no bad signs yet. Fingers crossed. I mean that is my only real talent. I guess I can sing a little bit - not an amazing singer I admit but I can carry a bit of a tune.
A hobby of mine is being a movie snob. I love movies and my favorite movies I can quote line after line. I am always catching up on old films - John Hughes, an amazing filmmaker. I also love going to the theaters and watching the latest films. A goal of mine is to star in a movie by the age of 21 - I got two years left.
o Name some things you love, and things you hate, and please explain?
Well I love shopping, wearing a new designer that no one else has just excites me to my core. I also love movies the aspect of it is amazing and I wanna be in one day soon. I love acting, it was dream since I was 5 and will always be. I like partying. Letting lose and just enjoying the music and company is nice - nice to relax. Boys Boys Boy. I adore hot guys. I also broke hearts in high school jumping from one guy to the next. I casually date and sometimes it gains attention because the paparazzi are seemingly catching me with a new guy every other week. I guess I plan to commit to one guy when I find the one but I like the causal dating and seeing whats out there. I love a lot of other things but those are like my main things, yeah. Oh I almost forgot I love my show and cast and crew.
I hate fakers, since I have a lot of money people just pretended to be my friend in hope of gaining something from me. Then they would hurt me and I don't like phony friends. I also hate bad hair days and being spotted wearing something totally ugly. I hate when people are mean to me - just because my career is better and I am prettier doesn't mean they can be mean to me. I also hate when I forget lines, I really take my job serious and I don't like looking like fool - especially with my career. 

o Can you tell me your favorite quote/saying, and explain what it means to you?
My favorite quote comes form my role model, the one and only Audrey Hepburn; "Everything I learned I learned from the movies." I just love that saying. When I was kid I would watch movie and movie just absorbing it all. I remember looking at the flat screen staring at the tv while I sat on my plush leather couch repeating the phrase, "I wanna be just like them." I totally took characters from the movies and say them my role models. So yeah I tried to live my life as a movie.
o Finally, what has it been like making it to the big times, seeing your name in lights, and partying in LA with the rest of the ‘Make-Out Kids’?
Oh My God. I love hanging out with the other gals and dudes a part of the 'Make-Out Kids.' They are so much fun to hang out with and party with. Yeah the parties are amazing! These people know how to party and the best places to go. Since I am new and all they have been showing me the places to party, shop, and eat. I just love them and everything, yeah.
• For the last three questions answer out-of-charcter:

o Why do want to be apart of [mok]?
Well I was in the original and I had the chance to make my own character, Gwen. I loved the old MOK and I was really sad when people stopped making sets & when others didn't ready everyone's stories. So I am happy someone is restarting && I really want to be a part of the group :) 

o Will you be active?
YES! I loved the old one && I can't wait to be active in this one! :) 

o Top 3 Character Choices
Gwyneth 'Gwen' Duncan
Gwyneth 'Gwen' Duncan
Axelle Devereux 
[gwen was the character i wrote so i really want her again] 


• Short:

Club Opera was booming with people and the paparazzi were in full sing - waiting for someone to talk to. Posing and smiling for pictures, I then made my entrance into the club. I mean I had to give the people want they wanted - me.

finish later tonight
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