Molton Brown Firefly Embers Forte Candela
  • Molton Brown Firefly Embers Scented Candle, 500g
    Firefly embers was inspired by enigmatic moods. Question everything. Seek out the truth. Provoke your senses with puzzling aromas. A riddle of dancing lights illuminates your path as you discover the mysteries of birch, cade, leather, tar and amber. Burn time: 70 to 80 hours Brand : Molton Brown. Fragrance Type : Candles. Scent : Woody.
  • Molton Brown Langour Piccolo Candela Collection
    Burn time 8 hours each candle. Let the scents of firefly embers, relaxing yuan zhi, re-charge black pepper and imp`s whisper illuminate your world.
  • Le Labo Calone 17 Vintage Candle
    Calone 17 Vintage Candle from the Le Labo collection. This scented candle brings the beach and its breeze to your living room. Marine notes are mixed with geranium and amber for a striking result that will transform your home into a cosy sea cottage. Features: Burning time approx 50 hours; highly dosed with perfume. Hand poured; 100% soy wax; pure cotton wicks. Housed within a vintage tin can that is re-usable. Made in USA. Please note this pack can be personalised. Size: 195g.
  • Le Labo Calone 17 Vintage Candle
    This candle is light, the sea, and its breeze brought to your living room. Marine notes are mixed with geranium and amber for a striking result that transforms your house in a sea cottage. Why go to St Barth if you can bring St Barth to you? Housed within a vintage tin vessel. 6.9 oz.
  • Ralph Lauren Home 867 Collection Candle
    In celebration of our New York flagship, our special-edition 867 Collection Candle is scented with fragrant blend of mandarin orange, cedar, amber and vetiver musk. Candle is made from premium soy wax and has a lead-free wick. Reusable metal holder is accented with our signature "RL" monogram. Exquisitely presented in our signature box. 9.7 oz. Burn time is approximately 65 hours. Candle: made in the USA. Vessel: Imported.
  • Byredo Parfums Cotton Poplin Fragranced Candle
    Cotton Poplin Fragranced Candle from the Byredo Parfums collection. Fill your home with the clean fresh scent of chamomile and linen by burning this fragranced candle featuring Byredo's beautiful Cotton Poplin. Features: Top: blue chamomile. Heart: linen, white cedarwood. Base: sweet musk. Burns for approximately 60 hours. Size: 255g.
  • Molton Brown Oudh Accord & Gold Single Wick Candle
    This single wick candle evokes a canopy of evergreens sloped with resinous heartwood, dense and dark. Top notes of cinnamon oil, nutmeg oil and myrrh blend with a heart of elemi oil, black tea and vetiver. A rich base of oudh, honey and tobacco leaves a mesmerising trail.
  • Baxter of California Ash Series - Smoke Ash
    The Ash trio of soy wax candles is inspired by the campfires of the great outdoors in the high mountains, low desert valleys and coastal beaches of California. Three distinct scents—Sweet Ash, Smoke Ash and Wood Ash—share notes of cedar, pine, sandalwood, cade and smoky ash. Smoke ash has fragrance notes of tea and light leather enhanced by smoke and cedar wood chips. (Burn time is roughly 80 hours) FRAGRANCE NOTES Oolong Tea. Beige Suede. English Saddle Leather. Moroccan Cedarwood. Vetiver. Cade.
  • Molton Brown Myrrh Musk and Cypress Candle 6.3 oz
    London via Persia: The quiet of the church. Treasures in gilt boxes. Scents of occasion. The way we blend it: A festive scented candle with top notes of ginger, black pepper and elemi, a heart of cypress, lavender and incense with a base of musk, amber and papyrus reed. Why you'll love it: A luxuriously scented candle to give your home a soft golden glow behind snow-flecked windows.
  • Byredo Parfums Loveless Fragrance Candle
    Loveless opens with adoxal and mandarin which brings an awakening fresh touch to an in other ways exotic and dark scent consisting of petitgrain, wild tuberose, papyrus and black cedarwood. 240 gr
  • Molton Brown Medio Candela, Relaxing Yuan Zhi 6.3 oz (180 gr)
    London via China. Yuan zhi root with vanilla and ylang ylang. The perfect antidote to hectic days, this single-wick candle will help create a soothing ambience in your home. Calm. Immerse. Unwind. The way we blend it: Top notes: Ylang ylang and bergamot. Middle notes: Cardamom, orris, cedarwood and ginger. Base notes: Amber and musks. Fragrance Family: Oriental.
  • Natori Black Amber & Jasmine Dragon Votives, Set of 3
    Natori's Black Amber & Jasmine votives feature hints of wild jasmine, lily, ylang, cedarwood and amber. Their striking dragon designs make a dramatic statement. Soy-blend wax; glass. Imported. 7.75"L x 4.625"W x 3.125"H. Each votive is 2.4 oz. Set of 3 votive candles.
  • Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Candle
    Origin: London via the Gulf of Guinea. Fragrance Notes: Fiery pink pepper and tangerine top notes. A heart of labdanum and black pepper. A base of oakmoss and rich patchouli.
  • Diptyque 34 Le Redoute Candle 220G
    A mysterious, centuries-old potpourri recipe. This enticingly warm blend of cinnamon, cloves, and orange breathes over a bed of roses, cedar, and amber. Due to the hand-crafted nature of the porcelain vessel, each has a unique marbled design, 70 hour burn-time. 215ml / 7.3 oz
  • Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Candle
    Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod is a warm, sweet and spicy scent, with notes of fiery pink pepper, uplifting tangerine, black pepper and rich patchouli. The single-wick candle is blended in England and housed in a hand-blown glass case. 180g.
  • Byredo Parfums Tree House Fragrance Candle
    The inspiration for this candle was Kobayashi’s tree house, which stands in Biotop’s courtyard in Tokyo, Japan. It has an overdose of woody dry notes with sandalwood, cedar wood and bamboo that bring a sophisticated touch to the charming simplicity of a tree house. This candle brings character to a room without becoming overpowering. 240 gr
  • Molton Brown Nightingale Song Forte Candela
    Burn time up to 60 hours. Take flight with fresh lily of the valley dusted in violetleaf, a dewy Rosebud and white jasmine heart and a cloud of shimmering patchouli.
  • Natori Black Amber & Jasmine Dragon Candle with Lid
    Natori's Black Amber & Jasmine candle feature hints of wild jasmine, lily, ylang, cedarwood and amber. A sculptural dragon lid lends dramatic appeal. Wax pool; glass. Imported. 9 Oz.
  • Molton Brown Medio Candela, Golden Solstice 6.3 oz (180 gr)
    London via Tuscany. Lush green hills. Refreshing zest in holiday heat. This single-wick candle has a warm, citrus aroma full of Mediterranean heat. Sun-filled. Abundant. Joyous. The way we blend it: Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine. Middle notes: Fig, blackcurrant and neroli. Base notes: Woody notes and oakmoss. Fragrance Family: Citrus.
  • Le Feu De L'eau Boxed Candle
    80 hour burn time. Soy wax. 3.75"H, 3.75" diameter. 16 oz. Handmade in USA. Le Feu Gris: a mysterious blend of smoke and musk. Le Feu Peche: a fruity, fragrant scent of neroli. Le Feu Profound Rose: sultry tuberose. Le Feu De I ' Voire: patchouli and amber.
  • Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Medio Candela
    Burn time 30-40 hours. Warm, clear waters flow as the island air is brushed with cardamom and ginger, shimmers with jasmine and tuberose and tantalises with humid sandalwood.
  • Molton Brown Medio Candela, Re-Charge Black Pepper 6.3 oz (180 gr)
    London via Madagascar. Fiery black peppercorn oil with bergamot and oakmoss. This single-wick candle delivers a dynamic, warming scent for the modern home. Hot. Spicy. Rousing. The way we blend it: Top notes: Petitgrain, bergamot and ginger. Middle notes: Cedar and lily of the valley. Base notes: Musks, amber gris and vetiver. Fragrance Family: Spicy.
  • Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Scented Candle, 180g
    The matching candle to Molton Brown's most popular men’s bath and body range, Re-Charge Black Pepper, warms your home with a complex blend of essential oils and spices. Fragrance notes: Top notes: petitgrain, bergamot and ginger. Middle notes: cedar and lily of the valley. Base notes: musks, amber gris and vetiver. Approximate burn time: 30 hours. 180g.
  • Le Labo Petit Grain 21 Vintage Candle
    A stunning, rich and elegant orange blossom blend with luscious green undertones. Or how to turn your living room into an airy bitter orange tree garden as the ones you find in Seville (or elsewhere). Housed within a vintage tin vessel. 6.9 oz.
  • Molton Brown Yuan Zhi Forte Candela
    Burn time up to 60 hours. Travel on a river drenched in ylang ylang and bergamot, through cardamom and deep purple orris, before drifting to an ambered musk shore.
  • Fornasetti Architettura Negativo 10.5 oz Candle
    The design is an architectural classical trompe-l'oeil décor inspired by a Roman Ampitheatre "floodlit" from within and illustrated on the candle with real gold. The scent is the original OTTO scent. The OTTO scent is the core of the collection and is sophisticated, unique, and transcends time, season and gender. Created by master perfumer Olivier Polge it uses ingredients that are of personal significance to Barnaba Fornasetti, Mediterranean herbs and wood. Some of the top notes are thyme, lavender, cedarwood and orris. 10.5 oz / Burns 60 hours