2013/01/12 Hello,I'm back from my vacation waiting for me i'll check out your sets later.

wanna read about my vacation..
Okay,we went out to Jeju Island[South Korea] actually in last few months ago I move to living in Seoul after i got injured.
ppl who joined this trip only sibling from 5 family in total 16 ppl.
2 Kim,Choi,Lee and Park with some of their friends my family only me&my second sis why so many already. we stayed at Kim resort one of those Kim have own resort at Jeju and we're lucky coz we can play around.

We made barbecue party with some cocktail drinks along with acrostic guitar picture to camp fire in the winter however Jeju had very strong wind,heavy snow i dislike to stay cold so i'm not join them all night woahhh surprised, i'm always party hard when it's come to be free.

Woke up early to enjoying sun rise very beautiful nature i took lots of pics but lazy to create set related haha<33
I think Jeju is such a heaven of Korea like all you guys have seen in drama the real is prettier from T.V,after that we went to ski do sth fun outside.
I've found someone idol here too,resort i went there like i've said it's private resort much reserved first so that why that famous came here,no one in my trip pay attention to them i can say that they're dating for sure LOL i'm not tell you who?,know that ppl in my trip they're not an ordinary ppl and i just watching them alone and they're watching our back.

I've said in my precious set wonder that barbie girl will join us or not right?
Yahhhhhh,she came with her signature barbie
dressing with that kind of stuff in heavy snow day is such a weird i'm judge her hard again.
she brought her Ken came along with her why Ken coz Barbie match with Ken [his name is not Ken LOL]
not pay attention to her even she try hard to dragged ppl into her world but no one include her sis not listen to her,sound cruel right?
but we're not like that proof it our chemistry isn't work.

This trip is most memorable for me coz i've met my friend again the one that i ever mentioned very special for me i really missed our days together when we're young once we went to ski resort together before i went to living in U.S this time is first ever after 14 years ago to go to ski resort again,this year ...... very busy went to oversea often also before i back to Tokyo i just want to spend my time more with ...... 
after that my life will stuck in Tokyo again
when that person back to work in Seoul why our timing always like this.

I back Seoul since yesterday but caught a fever need some rest.
then today i'm here.


Wrote three years ago
nice set

Wrote three years ago
You are just the cutest !!!

Wrote three years ago
Stunning absolutely super chic all the way. Love this look and these colors together. Divine set my friend.

Wrote three years ago
Wow!!! Love this mix of white and red!!

Wrote three years ago
I love this!!! ♥

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous and the outfit.. wow!!

Wrote three years ago
Welcome home from your vacation! I am glad you had such fun and hope you feel better now! Fabulous set <3

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Beautiful set! it sounds like you had a really great time in Jeju Island, i've seen some parts of Jeju Island from the dramas and it looks beautiful, i didn't know that it snowed there.

Wrote three years ago
gorgeous set sweety...super elegant! Nice trouser! ;)

Wrote three years ago
SUPER AWESOME SET SWEETIE:)))))))) Great look lovely pic:))))

Wrote three years ago
Wow. Sounds like you had a fun vacation! Someday I would like to go to Jeju. ^^

Wrote three years ago
i love this so much :)

Wrote three years ago
Stunning outfit,dear!!!Love that Phillip Lim bag,perfect layout!!!!

Wrote three years ago
Oh this is so chic & look classy :)

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous classy outfit- the red pants are fantastic!

Wrote three years ago
Love the blazer sweetie! Amazing red pants and sweater! Love the bag and those chic booties!
Lovely necklace!! Great background sweetie!

Wrote three years ago
what a lovely vaca you had. Great memories... love your profile pic babe. =) makes me smile.

Wrote three years ago
This is such a fantastic creation........................xx

Wrote three years ago
Amazing set. I just love your styling!!

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