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this song is perf along with this band omg

so, uh, yeah. hi guys. i'm posting this random set from a little ol' place in europe called paris, which is the capital of a country called france which is pretty well known people have told me ...

well, isn't this an odd encounter? 

i'm incredibly jet lagged right now and i can't find my phone to tell me what time it is so i'm going to guess and say ... 5 or 6pm? i dunno, i seriously, dunno.

but i'm going to give you a run down on what has happened so far, so sit back, relax, maybe grab a cup of tea or coffee - i don't know what type of person you are - and read while i'm here in paris and you're somewhere not in paris hehe sorry, i'm not bragging i swear; it's the jet lag talking.

we had a 9 hour flight to china from sydney, australia at 9.50am and that was pretty average. then in china, we had a 6 hour stop over which actually lasted only 4 or so and we had a little work out/wake up session in the waiting areas, using the chairs as exercise machines haha c:

my brother fell asleep on the floor and was in such a deep sleep that he was sleep talking omg oh and the night before we got the plane to china, in the hotel at the airport, my brother sleep talked again and he actually swore in his sleep! oh, good times ... 

then from china, we had a 12 hour flight to that little town called paris in which we are sitting in right as i type this on my dad macbook. @mclovinn you'll be happy you hear that the plane had 'the avengers' in their in flight entertainment and BEFORE YOU GET TOO EXCITED AND BOMBARD ME WITH IN-FANDOM JOKES - i haven't watched all of it yet ... :x

i slept a lot on the last flight and when i wasn't, i was watching friends, how i met your mother, that animated movie 'brave' [which i stopped halfway through to watch the avengers'] and listening to my iPod. BUT on the way home in four weeks, i shall finish watching it and then you can congratulate me and we can fangirl over loki and tom hiddleston okay because wow, i haven't even finished watching just ... tom, i just ... y'know? yeah. pretty much.

so we arrived in paris six o'clock this morning and we had to wait for the owner of the apartment to arrive with the key to get inside and shower before exploring, and the guy, whose name was so incredibly stereotypically Claude, arrived 2 hours after we got to the apartment, letting us in at 10:30am.

we showered, unpacked and stood in the complete wonderment that we were actually in paris, before actually stepping out and exploring paris for the first time. we're here for a week as well, so we still have plenty of time to look around, eat new foods - snails anyone? - perve on incredibly attractive men and fall in love with the views and the beautiful buildings all around us. 

after sitting down for nearly a whole 24 hours, walking for 5 hours was pretty rough okay, it was rough. so we came back to the hotel maybe ... an hour ago? and we've been sitting here ever since.

we have wifi in the apartment which i'm so happy about :') and so i've been able to upload the photos i've taken throughout the day and travels so far to my instagram account which i know @vampire-weakend has been looking at and crying over hehe


is my instragram - the name has been intentionally changed for the sole purpose of this holiday ;)

french men are apparently very forward. i have experienced an instance of this in one situation so far and i'm hoping the next time something wonderful and wild will actually unfold in the small country town that you may not have heard, paris.

the man, maybe in his mid twenties, was walking towards us as we were waiting for Claude to arrive with our key and being the polite person i am, i smiled as he went past as did he. but then he kept looking back, as did i, and said 'do you wanna go party? come partying?' and me hearing half of everything he said, just smiled back and looked awkwardly away. dad told me afterwards that he was looking very suggestively at me, which i hadn't noticed when it happened.

i wasn't even wearing what i'm wearing now which i would call an outfit to attractive some delicious frenchmen. deep maroon tights, a black crotched skirt with a zipper down the front, and a slightly see-through blouse with a high collar, short puffy sleeves and polka dots all over, oxfords on my feet. i could feel people looking at me throughout the day and i'm not even going to deny it; i did stand a little taller than usual, and i did push my boobs out more. but hey, when in paris right? or is that rome ... eh, close enough ;)

and so my yearning for a french boy to whisk me away and take me out for hot chocolate and croissants continues. and there's still a whole week to go so who knows what could happen? after paris, i've got the rest of the countries we're going to, to scour for a suiting suitor as it were. 

a british boy would be the absolute prize though, and that's still 3 weeks away ... sigh, i'm not trying to sound unthankful or spoiled, i just really wish we were staying in england longer. you guys know how much i love england! my hopes for running into all of my favourite bands are WAY too high for reality - i really need to lower them so i don't get upset when i don't meet any of them, but hey, when in europe ...


x alex
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