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What are you the most insecure about? 
My body. I really don't like how my body looks and I feel fat sometimes. It's probably just because I mostly have really skinny friends.

What do you think is your best feature? 
I have blue hair, which is pretty awesome. I also think my personality, how I can make most people feel better, and smile or laugh. 
What do you think is your worst feature? 
I'm not really sure... Maybe my shyness.
Are you self confident? Why or why not? 
Not really. I think I'm fat and not very pretty (even though people tell me I should be a model, which I would love to be), and I always fear I'm going to say something stupid or people will think I'm (too) weird and won't want to be my friends.
How would you describe your looks?
 I'm about an average height (which is awesome, since I'm asian), I guess I have a slim(?) physique I only think this because I really don't excerecise (well now I do, but still) and I'm not obese or anything, I have medium length hair (it's naturally straight and black.) I dyed it half blue and half black (well it as already black) I always wear skinny jeans (most of the time not a normal color) and a varying shirt, with skate shoes or converse. I guess I fit in the "scene" category...
How would you describe your personality? 
I would say I'm funny and nice, but also awkward and weird. I laugh a lot, but it's because I have amazing friends.
Are you in love? have you ever been in love?
 I am in "love" I guess. But the guy I like always seems to have girlfriends and I'm pretty sure he would never ask me out. </3 We're pretty good friends though. :)
What do you look for in a guy? 
One who doesn't care how I look, and likes me for being me. Someone who likes to joke around but can also be serious. Being attractive is a plus!
What is one thing that you find adorable when guys do it?
 I think it's adorable when a guy is protective and attached to the girl he's with. I also love when a guy constantly hugs you or walks so he's up against your side. <3
What is your biggest fear?
 People thinking I'm stupid and ugly and fat, and not liking me. So Rejection.
What is something you're really exited for? 
Becoming a better Dancer! Yay!
What something that you're obsessed with right now? Family Feud and Cut the Rope. ;P
What is your favorite beauty product? Mascara+Eyeliner
How would you describe your fashion style? "Scene"
What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own? 
Well, I guess this hat that I bought with @supermuffinslayer, that has a 1-up mushroom on it.
What is a piece of clothing you want to buy?
A Panic! At The Disco shirt.
Fave song?
I really like Raise Your Weapon by Deadmau5, and I like Skrillex and Panic! At The Disco. (Yeah, I know they're not songs. Shhhh.)
Fave artisit? I couldn't pick.

Music or art? 
Well, music is art. So art is my choice.
Fave movie: Moulin Rouge.
Fave actor: Andrew Garfield (his butt!) XD
Fave actress: Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)
Fave Model: Celia Kung
"Scene": Ledamonsterbunny and Ambrehhh Is Dead.
Fave book: The Last Dragon
Fave animal: Puppies :3
Fave color: BLUE :D
Fave drink: Dr. Pepper (or Lemonade Rockstar)
Fave food: Sushi.

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