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Wednesday: Free day. Grab some starbucks, go downtown, or hit the beach! 


"Tall skinny caramel latte, please," I said, tapping me manicured fingers on the counter in front of me.

"Anything else, ma'am?" the barista said, beginning to mix my drink. She knew I was one of the most impatient regulars there.

"Oh, and a slice of lemon cake," I decided, pulling out my new Marc wallet, "what are the damages?"

She punched some buttons on the register, "$5.89, please."

I pulled out my Visa and handed it to her. I never even used my card anymore, I mean, I didn't need to, all of my clothes were free anymore.

She handed me my card back, and I slipped it into my wallet. "Here you are," she said, handing me my cup and brown bag. I smiled at her, and turned. 

I spotted Viv and Veronica at a table in the corner and walked over to them. It looked like they were bickering, as usual. 

"What's up now?" I asked, sitting down next to Viv. 

"Ugh, we need your help," she said, "Veronica thinks that my new Lou's look better on her."

I rolled my eyes, "you guys are twins! I mean, you're practically identical looking."

Veronica snorted, "but my feet are prettier, plus, I saw them first."

"Well I took them first!" Vivian said, sipping on her drink. 

I pulled my dessert out of the bag, "you can both wear them," I laughed. They were so ridiculous sometimes, but I was admittedly jealous that I had no sibling to have stupid arguments with. 

"Well fine," Veronica said, "but I'm still right."

"Right about what?" 

I barely noticed that Serena and Charlotte were even around. They sat down across from me. 

"Nothing," Vivian said, "it's stupid."

Serena shrugged, "alright, fine. But guess what!" 

I took a sip of my drink, "yes?" 

"My nerd brother almost snitched!" she said, putting both hands on the table.

"That's why we shouldn't do it!" Charlotte said, taking a bite of her muffin. 

"Nobody's holding a gun to your head," Serena snapped, "you don't have to be involved."

This project was Serena's baby, and whenever Char would put in her two cents, she would lose her temper. 

"Now, now," Veronica said, "can we please not do this here?" 

Charlotte looked down, "sorry, Rena. It's just..."

"What?" she snapped. 

I kicked her under the table. She could be meaner than even me from time to time. She glared at me, and then back to Charlotte. 

"I just don't want to get caught!" she exclaimed. 

"Shhhhh..." Vivian said, "we don't want anybody to hear!" 

"Char don't worry about that," I said, putting my purse on my lap and opening it. I pulled out my lavendar pocket knife. 

"Oh my God... what is that Lyd?" Charlotte asked. 

I kept it low to the table and whipped it open, "the reason we don't have to worry about anything." 


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