{Monster High} Astra Cosmos

I'm a little past my doll playing days, but I just think Monster High is so cute I decided to make my own girl. Actually, I made three of them, but this is just one
Astra Cosmos
Age: 17 in earth years
Parents: Aliens
Killer Style: I love metallic colors and futuristic things. I wear lot's of little space themed accessories as well. Mostly, I prefer silver, black, green, blue and purple.
Freaky Flaw: I have a tendency to seem rude because I'm not totally used to earth customs yet
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Candy
Pet Peeve: People judging me just because I'm not from their planet.
Favorite Activity: Watching Sci-fi movies
Pet: Luna, my space cat
GFFs: Syrena Songs and Dracona Embers
Favorite Subject: Astronomy, duh
Least Favorite Subject: History. I'm not so good with earth history.
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