{Monster High} Dracona Embers

I'm a little past my doll playing days, but I just think Monster High is so cute I decided to make my own girl. Actually, I made three of them, but this is just one
Dracona Embers
Age: 516
Parents: Dragons
Killer Style: One word. Leather. Leather pants, leather jackets. If there's studs and spikes, even better. I also like hot rod flames.
Freaky Flaw: Sometimes I sneeze or cough and accidentally breathe fire
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Anything super spicy
Pet Peeve: Having to sit still
Favorite Activity: Flying
Pet: My phoenix, Ash
GFFs: Astra Cosmos and Syrena Songs
Favorite Subject: Medieval history
Least Favorite Subject: Science


Wrote one month ago
You should make sets for the other characters

Wrote one year ago
awesome collection :)

Wrote one year ago
i love this its so cool, i watch monster high with my sister and i reckon this would an awesome character then Heath could have someone to hang out with understand his problems with lighting random stuff on fire and maybe a girlfriend

Wrote three years ago
fantastic collection!

Wrote three years ago
great items. i love monster high dolls, they're adorable. i watch the tv show when no one's looking :)


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