I have a great, and long, survey here!

Things I like:
 [x] Cats
[] Chai Tea
[] Green Tea
[x] Texting
[x] Movies
[x] Music
[x] Rockband
[x] TV or DVD
[x] No School
[] Recycling
[x] Snow
[x] Reading
[x] Writing
[x] Poetry
[x] Novels
[x] Singing in the car
[] Sun Chips
[] Hiking
[x] Biking
[x] Water
[x] iPod
[x] Surveys
[x] Facebook
[x] Friends.
[x] Family
Things I dislike:
[x] Spiders
[x] Jerks
[x] Conceited People
[ ] People in general
[x] Not being listened to
[x] People who Abuse Animals
[x] Cleaning
[x] Waking Up
[] Drugs
[] Smoking
[x] Cancer
[x] Hot weather
[] My dad
[x] Worrying too much
[x] Anxiety
[x] Awful Teachers/Professors
[] School
[] Math
[x] Being too hot
[] Heels
[x] Glee
[] Lady Gaga
[x] Feet
[x] Runny noses
[x] Being sick

Movies I like:
 [ ] V For Vendetta
[] Star Trek
[] Lord of the Rings
[x] Harry Potter
[x] Sleeping Beauty
[ ] Boondock Saints
[x] New Moon
[x] Alice in Wonderland
[] The Dark Knight
[] Juno
[] Sweeney Todd
[] Walk The Line
[] Across the Universe
[] Four Brothers
[] Eternal Sunshine
[] Dead Poets Society
[] Transformers
[] The Goonies
[] Moulin Rouge!
[] Back To The Future
[] Aladdin
[] Saving Private Ryan
[] Edward Scissorhands
[] Mary Poppins
[] Queen of the Damned
Bands/Singers I like:
[x] The Beatles
[] Muse
[] The Killers
[x] The Fray
[x] Taylor Swift
[x] Katy Perry
[] Eyes Set To Kill
[ ] Adam Lambert
[ ] Demi Lovato
[ ] Colbie Caillat
[x] Paramore
[ ] Ingrid Michaelson
[] Taking Back Sunday
[x] 30 Seconds To Mars
[ ] Leona Lewis
[ ] The Hives
[x ] John Lennon
[] Carrie Underwood
[ ] Miley Cyrus
[] Mute Math
[] Alesana
[] Blessthefall
[ ] Pete Yorn
[] Cobra Starship
[] Modest Mouse
[ ] Jonas Brothers
[ ] Mcfly
[ x] Selena Gomez
full name: Magdalena Anna .
birth date: October 9th. 1996
current location: Haarlem - The Netherlands
hair color: red
eye colour: blue
righty/lefty: righty
your outfit right now: beige trousers, shirt with flowers
listening to:Nothing

 your fear: being left

 your thoughts first waking up this morning: wow. i woke up at 10 am..
your best physical feature: ..
your bed time: I don’t have one .
your most missed memory: My best friend
what has made you smile today: nothing really special yet.
pepsi or coke: pepsi light
mcdonald’s or burger king: McDonalds
single or group dates: pshh:) group
adidas or nike: adidas cloths, nike shoes
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino
have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No
cuss: Yeah.
take showers: Absolutely.
have a crush: Yes…
like school: yes
believe in yourself: all the time
believe what goes around comes around: Sometimes.
believe everything happens for a reason: Yes.
think you’re a health freak: I can be . . .
gone to the mall: yes
been on stage: yes
been to the dentist: No.
been to the doctors: yes
been ill: yes
had a detention: no
gone to the cinema: no
driven a car: No
had an injection: yes
eaten sushi: no
been hurt: yes
dyed your hair: yes!! its red now!
had sex: Hah, no.
been drunk: No, never. but i drunk
slept in someone else’s house: no
spent over $300 in one day: No. But i want to :D
fallen out with your parents: What's that mean?
had a fight: Yes.
played a stripping game: No.
kissed the same sex: yes
had sex: nope
gotten so drunk, you’ve passed out: No.
run away from home: yes
gotten beaten up: nope
age you’re hoping to be married by: I’m not fond of the idea of marriage.
number of kids you’re planning on having: 2
best eye color: Blue or brown.
hair color: Brown or blond
short or long hair: Both.
fat or fit: Fit.
tall or short: both, but not too short or too tall.
looks or personality: Personality.
fun or serious: FUNN

 1 minute ago: This survey.
1 hour ago: Polyvore.
1 week ago: I don’t remember.
1 year ago: If I didn’t remember a week ago do you REALLY think that I would be able to remember a YEAR ago?
 i feel: A mixture of emotions.
i hate: douche bags
i hide: Many things.
i need: gum
i love: everyone, food, music and many more things
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