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Chapter 1: @superperson404 (DONE)
Chapter 2: @awesomeberry (DONE)
Chapter 3:@kirbyjenn (DONE)
Chapter 4: @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 5: @zippykitty (DONE)
Chapter 6: @shellebelle (DONE)
Chapter 7: @victorian-jellica 
Chapter 8: @jamierike 
Chapter 9: @dinosrule78 (DONE)
Chapter 10: @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 11: @green-jello (DONE)
Chapter 12: @shellebelle (DONE)
Chapter 13: @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 14: @hippiesloveyou (DONE)
Chapter 15: @sara666x (DONE)
Chapter 16: @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 17: @doctorwhorory
Chapter 18: @kirbyjenn (DONE)
Chapter 19: @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 20: @misscooldog12 (DONE)
Chapter 21: @beatlesrock14
Chapter 22: Me

If you're still interested and don't know what to do, go to this set and read the description:

Like I said before, it wouldn't be THAT big a deal if you didn't finish it, but if you're not finished then everyone else will be waiting...:S

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