robot riot // phineas and ferb: across the second dimension

BAM! I just used a song from Phineas and Ferb. Beat that.

I need some help. :p

But it's only been four days this time! Not six! Ha! 

I think I'm going to miss the next contest, though, cause I'm going out of town this weekend. Again. So this might be my last Bridget set. :(

That new headshot of Georgie is the prettiest picture EVER. Okay?

And now, I'm gonna stop rambling and do my story.


"Robots, robots... There's got to be something here!" Leila slammed a book back onto the shelf and shook her head.

"It doesn't matter," I said dully, for what had to be the hundredth time. "Magic isn't going to work."

"But the eight spells--"

"Forget it," I said grimly. "Do you know what the odds of figuring those out are?"

Leila nodded sadly. "Low." She sighed. "But you've been doing so GOOD, Bridge. You can't give up now!"

"I'm not giving up," I moaned. "I just don't think magic is going to help me. I got out some Muggle studies books on electricity and such, but they weren't helpful, either. I learned more about it in primary school."

Leila looked a little more cheerful at this, although I wasn't sure why. "Well, there you go! You have the advantage of being raised with Muggles!"

"Uh-huh," I said dryly. "A huge advantage."

We headed back toward the Hufflepuff common room. I was so lost in thought, I nearly missed the turn into the kitchen corridor. 

The common room was unusually full tonight, to my displeasure. I said goodnight to a few people and made it to my dorm. The only other person in there was Sarah Smith, already sleeping in her bed.

I changed and climbed into my own bed, mind whirling with thoughts of the task I would be facing tomorrow. I rolled over to get into a more comfortable position. As I did, my gaze fell on something tacked above Sarah's bed: a horseshoe. She loved horses, and this particular shoe had belonged to the one she learned to ride on.

I gazed at it for a few minutes, not really seeing it, instead thinking of the task. Suddenly, an idea hit me. I gasped out loud.

That was it! I knew how to beat my robot.


The next day was bright and clear, the first one of the year that really felt spring-like. I focus on this as we walked toward the robots.

We passed a crowd of spectators, and I spotted Leila among them. She gave me a thumbs up and nodded to something at her feet. I forced a smile in reply.

We lined up in front of boxy robots, off at the moment. I took a deep breath and set my feet.

A whistle sounded, and the robots came to life. Mine - I decided to call him Phil - let out an extremely angry roar, and promptly smashed his fist down, right where I had been standing. I scrambled out the way just in time.

"Whoa!" Okay, Phil was a little more excited than I'd expected him to be. Out of habit, I sent a Reductor Curse at him. No surprise, it did nothing but make him angry.

"Bridget!" Leila squealed. She, like the other spectators, had retreated several yards when the robots came to life. 

Right. I dodged another strike from Phil and raised my wand again. Instead of pointing it at Phil, however, I aimed in at the place where Leila had been standing.

"Accio Magnet!"

A horseshoe magnet, the biggest we'd been able to find, zipped out of the grass and flew into my hand.

Phil let out another metallic roar, as if he could sense his coming destruction.

I ran around behind him, and, as I had expected, he twirled sharply to try and follow me with his eyes. I made another lap, then a third, and he toppled sideways.

"Yes!" I whispered. Holding the magnet firmly, I jumped on Phil's face. Since it was about the same size as my bed, it wasn't that hard for me to get up there.

Phil roared in confusion, and started flailing around, trying to get back to his feet. I grabbed the antenna on top of his head to keep from sliding off. As he got up, I used the antenna to pull myself up on top of his head. Just as I had hoped, there was a small hatch up there.

Phil seemed incredibly puzzled as to where I had gone. He kept whipping his head back and forth, looking for me. It made it unfortunately hard to keep my balance. At last, however, I got the hatch open. Inside was a tangled mess of wires and little flashing lights.

Phil spun suddenly to the left, and my feet went flying off his head. I screamed, catching the antenna with my right hand seconds before I would have fallen to the ground.

"Be careful!" Leila screamed. Because, really, until she said that, the thought of being careful had never crossed my mind.

I rolled my eyes and got my feet back. Somehow, even through almost falling, I had kept ahold of the magnet. 

I took a deep breath and plunged it into Phil's head. There was a grinding sound, and Phil shuddered. The lights in his head started flashing bright red. I wiggled my magnet, trying to touch as many important hardware-y things as I could.

Phil let out a final moan and froze.

"Yes!" I whispered.

My joy was short-lived, however. The next thing Phil did was fall flat on his face. I was flung into the air, and landed hard on my back several feet in front of him.

"Ow," I managed to say.

McGonagall rushed over to me and helped me sit up.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

I nodded, still gasping for air.

She gave me a very faint smile. "Well. In that case, well done, Miss Rose."


Well. I feel like that made lots of sense.

Sorry, I'm not in a very story-ish mood tonight. :/

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@deborah-p Thank you! :) (And sorry that I took so long to answer your comment. :P)

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LOL Idt I can beat that! Great Job Dove! Luved it! <3

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P.S: don't forget to enter it in the contest. ;)

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1st place in group contest: Raging Robots

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