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My last set for BP that I published last night similar to this one was invisible and didn’t get fixed, so I tried to save it and delete it, and it deleted the saved one too…. :( But here’s another one with the same story, hopefully you can see it.
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☀Friday, August 5th: Classes today end at 11:30 am, so you have the afternoon off to relax as you wish. But at 7:00 pm, make sure you are ready to go because we heard that everyone is sneaking off campus to see if they can find the boys' academy on the other side of the island, along with finding the local hot spots. Get home by midnight or you might be in major trouble.
Jazmine led us all out of the dorm building, like always. She thought that since her parents were the owners of the academy, she knew everything better than the rest of us. And maybe she did. And I had gotten along fine with her, but she was getting a little annoying lately.
"Gee, Jazmine," I commented, catching up to her. "You just know everything, don't you?"
She glanced over at me, rolling her eyes. "And you do?"
"I wouldn't know, you're too busy doing it for me." I countered, leveling her gaze with my own piercing blue eyes. Her dark hair blended into the night as she turned away from me.
"Aw, is Jazzy offended?" I smirked, falling back into step with Sofia. I saw Jazmine throw a glare over her shoulder.
"Don't tell me you were just getting on to Jazmine, Addy," Sofia said, frowning. "She's our ticket to the guys, you know."
"I'm sure we'd do just fine without her," I replied, as all of us made our way to the outskirts of the Thorne Academy campus. 
"Oh my God, Addy! Did you realize you look like a traffic cone? The cameras are gonna catch us for sure!" Esther complained, shooting me a scowl. 
"Calm down," Chelsea told her. "Jazmine made sure the cameras weren't working."
"I just can't wait to see Randy..." Willa smiled dreamily up at the sky. "Who cares if we get caught if I can see Randy..."
"I smell a drool fest coming on," Sofia whispered, smirking. We both snickered. 
"Does my outfit look okay?" Chrysa asked for the billionth time. 
"No, alright?" I said, flicking my gaze at her. "Now, moving on, let's--"
"Addy!" Chrysa whined. "Are you for real?"
"It's fine, don't listen to Addy's sarcasm," Sofia said for me.
"Don't listen to Addy, period." Jazmine said loudly enough for everyone to hear. I ignored her, focusing on just seeing the boys. 
It was the most exciting thing I'd done all week it seemed.
The fountain at the Thorne Academy for Boys was where we ended up meeting them. I couldn't believe my eyes once we arrived. They were everywhere. And they were delectable.
"Hey, it's almost 2 am. We should head back or we'll get caught." Sofia's lip trembled as if she was actually afraid we'd get arrested or something.
I shook my head in disappointment. "Sofia! The night hasn't even started yet. Have some fun. Live a little." I smiled, touching her shoulder as I spotted an especially cute one off to the side of the fountain. She nudged me away to go for my guy, and even though I felt a bit guilty just leaving her there, I couldn't help myself. 
"Hey," I heard myself say as I approached him. He had dirty blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. Not to mention a very cute and flirty set of bright white teeth.
"Whoa, might need some blinders to see you," he smirked, glancing down at my almost neon orange dress. 
I didn't blush. "Well, if that's what it takes then."
"Hmm, most girls would get upset at that," he said, studying my face. "Interesting."
It would be cliche to say "I'm not most girls." So instead I shrugged, saying, "I'll take it as a compliment."
"Oh, it is." The guy grinned widely. "A huge one, in fact. Orange really suits you, I think."
"It does, does it?" 
"Most definitely." He nodded. "You're a Winter, I can tell."
"Um..." I chuckled. "I'm pretty sure Autumn covers oranges, not Winter."
"Right," the guy clucked his tongue in agreement. "That's what I meant to say."
"Yeah, of course you did." 
He stared right into my eyes. "I'm Luke. I'm kind-of a mix of all the seasons, you know. Sorta best of all worlds kinda deal."
I laughed. "Well, Luke, I'm Addy. And apparently I'm a Winter slash Autumn. Best of both worlds maybe?"
"Maybe," Luke commented, sizing me up, taking me in. As I did to him. "We'll just have to see."
And then it was time to head back to our dorms, and I wondered if I'd ever be able to stop thinking about this Luke boy, and his pretty-boy charm.
{comment if you read please!! Credit to @istylista for part of the story. I included @istylista, @dorian-is-the-walrus, @oh-so-barbarella, @emilie-ethereal, @xoxothegirlinthegreenglasses, and @littlemisskate.}
P.S. Those pics of Robbie are so drool-worthy.
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