I was tagged twice so I made one set for both! Sorry, I know it’s lame ;) 

First I was tagged by @oscar-wilde

Name: Hannah Grace
Country: United States 
Star sign: Virgo

~ faves ~
Colour: blue (azure, tiffany, deep sky blue, etc)
Animal: pugs & lions
Food: fruits & veggies & bread & jam & tea
Book: The Great Gatsby & The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe & Anne of Green Gables & Sense and Sensibility & many more!
Electronic/gadget: laptop and ipod 
Movie: 50/50 & Singin’ in the Rain & West Side Story & Sherlock Holmes & The King’s Speech & Anchors Aweigh & On the Town & Funny Girl & Funny Face, etc.
Actor: Frank Sinatra & Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Colin Firth & Adrien Brody & Andrew Garfield & Darren Criss & Jonathan Groff
Actress: Natalie Wood & Barbara Streisand & Audrey Hepburn & Lea Michele & Kate Winslet & Emma Stone & Dianna Agron, etc.
Author: Agatha Christie & Jane Austen & C.S. Lewis & Lucy Maud Montgomery & Sir Conan Doyle, etc.
Song: ‘You are More’ by Tenth Avenue North & anything by Frank Sinatra/Glee Cast/Classical Music/Broadway & ‘One Thing’ by One Direction & ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction & ‘Laughing With’ by Regina Spektor & ‘Meant to Be’ by Steven Curtis Chapman & ‘Gold Forever’ by The Wanted
Band: Tenth Avenue North & The Wanted & One Direction & Coldplay & The Beatles
Music artist: Steven Curtis Chapman & Frank Sinatra & Regina Spektor & Julie Zenatti
TV show: Glee & Grey’s Anatomy & The Office & anything on PBS [I swear PBS is a god] & How I Met Your Mother 
Shop: thirft stores; New York and Company & little boutiques 
Celeb: Lea Michele & Kate Middleton

~ random ~
Something that makes you, you: a combination of my fears & dreams. The combination keeps me on my toes 
You dream: moving to a foreign country (preferably in Eastern Europe) or of course, NYC and working with human rights organizations. I’d love to be ‘on the ground’ and working with the people, not in an office building. & of course, I want to get married to a guy who’s romantic & just as passionate as I am. Oh! & adopt lots of children :) 
Hobbies: reading & writing & collecting trinkets & talking politics & having tea parties & history & singing, even though I’m awful at it & travelling

Second, I was tagged by @sophie-eloise
01. I used the scissors & line picture
02. Directions:
-Pick a song.
I Picked ‘Roots Before Branches’ covered by Lea Michele
-Use a line from the song you choose to be the title of you set.
Check! :)
03. Ask & Answer a random question
- If your life were to be made into a film who would you cast as yourself, direct it, and what would the theme song be?
That’s a toughie! In an ideal world, I would wanted Dianna Agron to play me :) she’s so elegant and classy and has that quirky and old Hollywood charm I love. Director?? Tom Hooper. I love what he did with The King’s Speech. I love his filming style. And my theme song would definitely be ‘That’s Life’
- If you could invite any 5 people (historical/fictional/famous/dead or alive) to dinner who would they be? & why?

I tag whoever wants to be tagged
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