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Yup yups, I already made one of these before... I think a month ago?? Umhh.. here! [ ] Soooo, I decided to make another one! I mean, dood, that's not all I like, you knows. :] So, this is basically things that Jazzy likes II! xD Yuppers... check 'em out.
- Ugly Dolls [ love 'em! These ones are my favourites (: ]
- InStyle magazines [ like reading them when I'm bored! ]
- shopping !! [ can't live without doing this! :DD ]
- volleyball [ love playing it, although I wouldn't consider myself that good... ]
- Harvest Moon Cute [ my current favourite ds game! <33 ]
- flats [ love flats! they're so ah-dorable. well, most are. (: ]
- pink nail polish [ love this colour! in fact, my nails are painted pink right now. :D ]
- The Cat in the Hat and all of them Dr. Seuss books [ dood, that man is a g e n i u s ! LOL. ]
- mango ice cream [ hah, love it! can't live without mango ice cream. nor fresh mangos... ]
- aviators [ they are h a w t ! (: ]
- philosophy lip gloss [ man, they are awesome! love using them. they're real pretty, too, haha. ]
- Beijing Olympics [ love watching it! especially beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, gymnastics and diving :D ]
- sushi [ gah, love eating it! ]
- Wii [ hahs, can't live without it ]
- starbucks fraps [ gosh darn it, they taste so gooood xD ]
- moisturizing cream [ don't want dry skin.. LOL. ]
- bubble tea [ hhmm, I guess bubble tea tastes a bit better than fraps.. ]
- viet noodles [ gah, tastes so gooood. (: ]
- Guitar Hero III [ hell yeahhh. dood, can't stop playin' it! ]

Yupps, guess I'm done. Maybe I'll make another one? LOL. One day...
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