ok so i had a band concert tonight!!!
how it went: alrite, so i am in symphonic band in my school and i play the clarinet (which is our intermediate band but for freshmen, its like honors) SO anyways, its the last concert of the year, so every band class was playing. 
first was concert band: they are mostly freshmen in the beginners level (at least in high school, nothing like basic shiz) and they had interesting pieces.
Percussions: i LOVE this band! they were really creative. there was a song they played called "Me Tarzan" and it was played w/out instruments. (they would clap and stomp on the stage and stuff like that.) my teacher played the mallets w/ some of the players. 
Jazz Band: oh goodness! they were amazing mother-fluffers!! the solos were awesome and of course i love my teachers! (we have two band teachers: one man and one woman) the woman one got gifts from the band since she (along w/ the man teacher) is getting laid off due to cuts. (i know its stupid rite?) she's VERY emotional. oh and this trumpet player won best jazz band player award but i forget his name :(
Symphonic band: we, along w/ the most advanced band, Wind Ensemble, played 3 songs. we played You cant stop the beat from hairspray, stars and stripes forever (official march of US) and locomotive chase (very fast but VERY ffun to play)
seniors got awards and they were honored and all. im gonna miss the seniors ive met this year!i mean, they are really nice people. some are going into education after high school, another girl (Rachel) is going into journalism, i know some going into either mission work, or veterinarians and i wish them all the best! IMMA MISS THEM :''''''''''''(
after the concert: we had a reception and were served cake and punch. guess who loves marble cake? (hint: this person's name starts w/ an L and ends w/ an I.)♥
i missed the VD season finale bc of this, but honestly, im glad i went. i actually had fun and usually band concerts suck but this one was awesome! 
oh and guess what else happened? THIS GIRL GOT ACCEPTED TO HONORS ENGLISH!!!
what an epic win i thought i wouldnt get in but i did. oh i am glad i persisted. :)
ok, if you read all of that, type "Oh clarinet" in your comment plz.

Song: Morning After Dark
Artist: Timbaland

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Wrote 6 years ago
"Oh clarinet" :D
I'm glad you had fun :)

Wrote 6 years ago
kinda? dude i got it stuck in my head rite now!!

Wrote 6 years ago
Morning after dark by Timbaland is good, i kinda love it,,

Wrote 6 years ago
bye m! and its all rite. we all have a life



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11th place in group contest: Anything Vampire Diaries

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