OKAY MEGA RANT right now, if you don't mind. If you hate my annoying and whiny rants, then please don't read this. It's just that recently someone has been getting me very very pissed off right now. 

She's not my friend... or one of my family... she goes to my school. She's a senior. Okay, so you already see the age disparity. She just pisses me off a lot, just her mannerisms and the way she speaks condescendingly to me and everything. Uguu. First I thought she was pretty nice, but no...

When we were given out arrangements for instrumental club she started bitching about the role I got, first flute. Apparently she plays the flute too and has been stuck with the same role for four years. She starts complaining to me about how I should switch to her role and we should switch parts... um... no. Then she starts dissing the President of the club, who is an amazing pianist by the way, saying that she does nothing and /she/ should be president. Then she goes on complaining about how she should have more leadership positions, and doesn't even care about the club in general. Uguu. 

Then when my friend tells her I'm worried because of my grades and how I need to keep my scholarship, she rolls her eyes and says rather condescendingly, "Ugh, Freshman grades don't matter." WELL they do, if you want to get into a good college. She has a 3.4 GPA... and I have a 4.2. Jealous much?

Then she starts bragging and showing off her resume, which I admit isn't all that impressive. She brags about her internship at an organic chemistry lab. She starts reciting her various Coach purses and how she has lots of Burberry scarves. It's like STFU, I don't care/give an f. 

Ugh she pisses me off a lot...
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