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Hey, darlings!!!! Today it´s Sunday) It´s such a good day! So I´ve decided to make a new set!
Today there are 2 funny holidays:
1) It's the birthday of chicken legs
2) And day upside down!!!!
So, happy holidays)))
And this time I want to start one tag. You'll have to write 10 facts about you. But facts that are very very interesting)))
So now about me:
1) If I have some delicious things I can eat, the tastiest I would eat in the end (Ahah, I'm not so sure it's interesting, but...)
2) I love watching horror movies. I usually scream out loud but that means I love the movie))
3) I'm always dissatisfied with things I do)
4) I wear LM Activator at night. It will make my teeth straight and beautiful) At least I hope so.
5) I have an old Samsung SGH-D900i now because my phone is broken and my parents will give me a new one for my Birthday))
6) I have a baldachin on my bed, yeah I feel like a princess*)))
7) I love sheep and vicunas (they're lamas)
8) When I was little I wanted to be a clown and to make children happy!!!! But then I wanted to be a criminalist, but now I nearly faint when I see blood) 
9) Once when I was 3 years old, I was going for a walk with my dad. And he forgot to put my boots on, so we went to the street and he wanted to put me on the ground. And then I was like: "Daddy, I have no boots on!!!" And he said: "Oh, My! Sorry I've forgotten))"
10) When I saw caviar in my fishtank I was screaming!!!! And that was disguisting, because I hate caviar (food) and there was a real caviar(( Ohhh!
So, I wanna see your facts about you!!!
@skylar72, @n-kr, @shoemama, @katka44, @myduza-and-koteczka, @iloveyoudd, @anelalovenathan, @chocolatepumma, @barbarela11, @valentina-kochur, @hug-voldemort, @hijabikebabi, @bestdressx, @fashiondare, @firstclass1, @miss-raspberry-92, @olya-volhina)))
I hope you do like my set!!!
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