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  • Moroso - Take A Line For A Walk
    Moroso - Take A Line For A Walk
    Häberli brings out the communication abilities of the object and the emotional bond which it can create: The chair draws on an archaic yet extremely modern visual force which recalls the idea of a cocooning, motherly comfort, with the big ears which can be wrapped around the head in search of protection or isolation from the surrounding environment. According to Alfredo Häberli, the ears lounger emerged in a working procedure called Rapid Prototyping. At that time, Häberli read a book about the artist Paul Klee, whose explanation was to “take a line for a walk” – this is how the designer called his creation in the end – that’s the story of the inspiration for the weightless design of a lounge chair with enormous wings. One year later, the upholstered edition by Moroso emerged – another small detail in this autonomous structure. More details: Design: Alfredo Häberli, 2003. The model TAKE A LINE FOR A WALK cannot be undressed. Steel frame in cold-foamed foam and Polyester cotton. Frame, steel tube kaon grey or grey varnished. Chromium foot rest. Spinning mechanism kaon grey varnished. Different qualities, different Kvadrat fabrics (extra charge). Armchair Take A Line For A Walk is also available with foot rests. We’re glad to advise you by phone or E-Mail if you have questions regarding the different fabric variants.
  • Moroso Moon Table
    Moroso Moon Table
    Crafted in Italy, the Moroso Moon table blends intelligence and passion to create unprecedented beauty. Like a fallen piece of the night sky, silvery photographic prints on tempered glass captures the moon and its magic. Designed by the Diesel creative team.
  • Moroso - Supernatural Armchair
    Moroso - Supernatural Armchair
    SUPERNATURAL is a trendsetting novelty in the seating furniture area: The die casting technology with glass-fiber reinforced polyamide is used for its manufacture. This production procedure means high investments for the company, but it enables the creation of design furniture with an excellent value for money, which perfectly suits the resting Moroso collection. “The structure of this new, stackable chair is less the result of designers, but much more a development”, is what Lovegroove explains, “it is a new version of the form, created by digital information that flow into an armchair for the daily use, slim, strong and healthy. The liquid, organic nature of the form melts through the most modern industrial procedures for polymer of the 21st century with the beauty of human bodies. With this high technology process, two polyamide layers are employed with glass fibre to reach a balance between structural interior characteristics and external aesthetical advantages.” More details:
  • Moroso - Gluon armchair
    Moroso - Gluon armchair
    In 1993 Marc Newson created this design highlight for Moroso. The innovative exterior results from the successful combination of colourful cushion and stylishly rolling steel frame. As usual at Moroso, the design is innovative, even futuristic and so it stands out from the usual pabulum in a refreshing way. This is also due to the elaborate side parts that could also be from a science fiction movie. The extraordinary name of the seating furniture stems from particle physics, where gluons (to glue) are subatomic elementary particles that are directly responsible for the attraction of protons and neutrons inside a nucleus. A certain attraction is also originating from Gluon. After having sat down you like to stay “glued”. More details: Design: Marc Newson, 1993. Seat and back are injected flame-retardant polyurethane foam over internal steel frame. Sides are rigid polyurethane with grey lacquer finish. Base is steel with grey lacquer finish. GLUON covers are not removable. The 2-seat and 3-seat sofas of the Gluon series are also available.
  • Moroso Supernatural
    Moroso Supernatural
    Moroso Supernatural is a trend-setting novelty in the seating furniture area: An injection moulding procedure with glass reinforced polyamide is used. This production method means high investments for the company, but it enables the creation of design furniture with excellent value for money that do perfectly suit the resting Moroso collection. „The structure of this new, stackable chair is not only the result of design, but much more of a development“, Lovegrove explains, „it is a new vision of form, emerging through digital data that flows into an armchair for the daily use, slim, strong and healthy. The liquid, organic nature of the form melts away through the most modern industrial procedure for polymers of the 21st century, with the beauty of human bodies. At this high technology process, two polyamide layers with glass fibre are used to reach a balance between structural characteristics and external aesthetic advantages. The Moroso Supernatural chair is provided with an entire or perforated backrest. “The holed patterns offer a multi-sensorial effect to the armchair when light falls through the holes and shadows that enrich the room appear, creating unexpected, attractive patterns on architectural spaces.” More details: Technical characteristics: Supernatural is stackable (up to 8 chairs) and also applicable outside thanks to the special material. Structure: Bowl made out of polypropylene, reinforced with glass fibre. Colours: White, turquoise, orange, fluo green, caramel, black.
  • Moroso - Little Albert
    Moroso - Little Albert
    Moroso is showing a well structured and diversified range of products at the 2002 Möbelmesse in cologne. "VICTORIA AND ALBERT" (name of the collection) was created with the main goal to be of innovative design with comfort combined with a soft seating experience. A completely different concept than the "upholstered sculpures" of Ron Arad, which have been part of the Moroso catalogue for years. Perfect for several people and different occasions. Two chairs accompanied by a sofa, which is dominating the scene. A "Good Form" that mediates between design and function. Passion for innovation and technology is being combined with an outstretched resting position without the "Dictate of the giant cussion". Again in this case the designer is not trying to create an icon, but a product that can simply be used and that can offer esthetic as well as a lot of comfort. The name "VICTORIA AND ALBERT" is an homage to the famous london museum, where in June 2000 Ron Arad had a significant exhibition with selected pieces of the designer. The huge success of the collection "VICTORIA AND ALBERT" gave Morose the motivation to intensify their material- and technology research, without changing any of the formal attributes. The result is "LITTLE ALBERT", a chair made from coloured polyethylene, which is manufactured with the method of rotation: The shape ist the same as the upholstered model, the only thing that changes is the material. Because of the characteristics of the material the chair can be used in private or public rooms as well as outside. T´he polyethylene is resístant to temperature changes and sunlight. LITTLE ALBERT is being produced in big seríes, coloured and completely recycable. More details: Technical attributes The chair LITTLE ALBERT (code 042) and the tables have a structure of recyclable coloured polyethylene, manufactured with the method of rotation. LITTLE ALBERT can be ordered in these colours: Translucent white, black, orange, yellow, red, fluo green, green, fuchsia and the tables in the colours translucent white and red.
  • Moroso - Fjord H.
    Moroso - Fjord H.
    In order to complete the collection with the desire of offering a product which unifies design, mass production and an excellent quality/price ratio, Moroso presented Fjord H., the line of seats made of composite plastic material. The H. In the name of the Fjord chair stands for "Hirek", a thermoplastic. The advantages of synthetic are the small weight (relative to its size) and a high resilience and flexibility. Furthermore, Hirek is 100% recyclable and it is resistant against chemicals and UV-rays. To provide a softer appearance and feeling, the seats can be upholstered. Furthermore, the seats can be made with a swivel base, a sliding seat, a spider base, a spider base with castors, on a bar with or without table. Fjord H. Is also available with further frames, e.g. Swivel base, star-base with rolls or for seating-systems (public seating). More details: Design: Patricia Urquiola. Seat shell is multilayered technopolymer composite. Colors: White RAL 9003, red RAL 3020 and black RAL 9004. Base frame (depending on variant): Chromed, white/grey varnished, polished stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Moroso - Ripple Chair
    Moroso - Ripple Chair
    The seat shell from Ripple Chair is made out of foamed thermoplastic. The spherical opening of the seating furniture, its visual weightlessness and soft lines, robust material and stackable edition make Ripple Chair especially suitable for homely and public rooms. The Ripple Chair was designed by the star designer Ron Arad for the Italian design furniture manufacturer Moroso and can rightly be called “new design classic”. The Moroso Ripple Chair especially fills large rooms with its sculptural appearance; it gives them a special flair. The frame is also available in a white or black matt lacquered colour (Cod. 050) Or in stainless steel 316L (Cod. 0FT). We also deliver the chair in further, not displayed in here, colour variations.
  • Moroso - Moon Chair
    Moroso - Moon Chair
    Moon is a chair by the designer Tokujin Yoshioka for the Italian manufacturer Moroso. Moon was presented on the Milan furniture fair 2011 to the public for the first time and it formed the focus of the Twilight-Installation from Moroso. With water and steam, the chair was immersed in a shiny twilight so that its elegant and weightless design was especially emphasized. The designer Tokujin Yoshioka was inspired by phenomena and processes surrounding us in our natural environment. His main inspiration sources were light and shadows, as they are viewable at night near the moon, who is the name giver of the chair. That is why the Japan Yoshioka describes the design like that: ”Moon is a chair that takes its suggestion out of the beauty of the light and the shadows of the moon – an escaping moonlight that shines suddenly and disappears instantly again.” Moroso offers the Moon Chair with its transparent, airy-soft lines and the elegant design in a matt and a lacquered variant. As matt version, the chair is light-resistant and weatherproof, being adapted to indoor and outdoor use. Moon is available in white, grey and black, in both versions equally.
  • Moroso - Three Skin Chair
    Moroso - Three Skin Chair
    For Moroso, Ron Arad has trod a strongly materials-oriented path, from polyethylene upholstery to wood. His successful Victoria and Albert collection was followed by the Little Albert and The Big E armchairs in polyethylene. The 2004 presented Three Skin Chair was produced using wood for the first time. The Three Skin Chair is a sculpture with extremely curvy lines. Powerfully sculptural and extremely sinuous, Three Skin Chair is in multilayered lacquered beech wood, three-dimensions bent and stained or lacquered. The following variants of the Moroso Three Skin Chair are available: Pickled iron wood; red (RAL 3000) varnished; black (RAL 9005) varnished and white (RAL 9002) varnished.
  • Moroso - Soft Wook Sofa
    Moroso - Soft Wook Sofa
    The Soft Wood Sofa from Moroso is a master of optical illusions: It looks like a wooden bench, but it truly is upholstered and the wooden look only is refined clothing. The Swedish design team Front designed the Soft Wood. Its name is programme: Soft Wood looks like a rustic wooden bench on the first sight thanks to its natural wood grain. At detailed watching or even touching the illusion gets revealed, because the Soft Wood is a comfortable sofa. The cushioning of the Soft Wood appears in a realistic wood optic and its form was also a copy of a conventional wooden bench. With Soft Wood from Moroso the designers from Front experimented the difference between visual and tactile furniture characteristics. The result of this work is a surprising sofa with visual and functional style, which causes a sensation with its inspired design.
  • Moroso - Victoria and Albert Sofa
    Moroso - Victoria and Albert Sofa
    The collection Victoria and Albert emerged with the aim of connecting innovative design with comfort and a soft seat feeling. The concept is then completely different than the “cushioned sculptures” from Ron Arad that were presented in the Moroso catalogues for years. The Victoria and Albert sofa is ideally adapted to be used by more people and different events. The sofa shows a “good form” that can communicate design and function and knows how to connect enthusiasm for innovation and technology with a comfortable outstretched relax-position without following the “dictation of the giant cushion”. Also in this case the designer doesn’t want to create an icon, but a product that can be used normally and that offers a lot of comfort beside the aesthetic appearance. The name Victoria and Albert honours the famous London Museum that has an important exposition with selected works from Ron Arad since June of 2000. The huge success of the collection Victoria & Albert was the motivation for Moroso of researching material and technology more intensively, but without changing formal features. More details: The Victoria and Albert Sofa is also available in widths of 225 cm (Cod. 045), As well as high armrest on the right (Cod. 047) Or the left side (Cod. 048) And with different coloured fabrics. Regarding the fabrics selection and further information we will be glad to advise you by phone or via E-mail.
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