Mosaic Sets!

Mosaic Sets!
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This group is for people how really love mosaic sets! I wanna see other people's mosaic sets and how they make them, so please join!!! We have high standards here so please don't submit request or milestone sets because we mainly want mosaics! We have contests all the time and you will not be disappointed with Mosaic Sets!
Mosaic {Sets!} Day: Sept. 26th
Interview Section:
Month: August '11
Member: The princess and the polyvore
Why so special?- Creates amazing mosaics!
Q: How do you describe your personal style?
A: I have a style that goes everywhere from boho to preppy, it's really whatever I feel like that day!
Q: Who is your style inspiration?
A: I have a bunch, but I really like Kendall Jenner's style.
Q: Do you incorporate your style into your sets? How?
A: Sometimes, I think part of the fun of Polyvore is making whatever you feel like. You can be Boho princess on one day, then glamourour the next, it's whatever you want.
Q: What brands do you usually use?(both clothing and makeup) A: I am a huge sucker for a bargain so most of my clothes come from H&M, forever 21, and Joe. I don't really wear an makeup. I only have some for dance competitions, but one beauty product I could not live without is my Nivea chapstick, I hate having chapped lips.
Q: What site do you visit first for clothing? For accesories?
A: I'm not much of an online shopper but Polyvore always gives me great outfit ideas and inspiration that I can copy for a lower price at a store like forever 21.
Q: What do you like most about this group?
A: I love that everyone is so supportive of each other, and positive-especially to newcomers. Knowing that when someone comes to their homepage and sees one new set like makes me feel great. I remember when I was new on this site I would get so excited over every set like and comment, I still do!
Q: Do you have any suggestions for future contests? Be specific.
A: I would actually like to see a pastel contest since pastels are my favorite type of colors to make sets with.
Q: Which do you appreciate more? Faves or comments?
A: Comments for sure. It just really showed that people care because they took the time to comment.
Q: Any advice for new or aspiring mosaic-makers? A: Don't give up, when you're starting, you might feel tempted to just quit because you don't have as many set likes as your contacts do. I used to think "How do they have so many likes?" and it really just comes with time you will probably end up changing your sets style about a million times (I know I did). Just make sets that make you happy with. Likes are nice but they're not what Polyvore is about.
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