{Clarabelle Jane Hadlington}
Age: 19
Inheritance: 25,000
Bio: Born into the Romanian Royal Family as the eldest of sixteen children and the heir to the throne, Clara had known her destiny for as long as she could remember. Clara never minded though, she thrived in her position, and everyone always commented on how committed she was to being a Princess and to being future Queen. She was extremely intelligent and had grown up learning French and English as well as her native tongue, Romanian. Clara loved books and spent many hours as a child reading in the library, or painting by the river. She was a dancer and ballet took up much of her time. As she grew older, Clara became a bit more rebellious and became quite a feminist. When she turned eighteen she found out that Russian spies were trying to kill her and her family to get rid of the lineage. Her parents sent her to the English Royal Family and they gladly took her in and told her that they would shelter her for as long as they needed to.
Model: Sasha Pivovarova
Taken by: wikedbitch

Since I auditioned just before e&g closed, I think it’s best to say that Clara recently arrived at Brighton to live with the Royal Family and a budding courtship between her and Prince William IV has been noticed.

I opened my eyes in response to the sun rays hitting my face. I stretched my limbs in content and got out of my bed yawning.

“Good morning, your highness.”

“Good morning Tatiana.” I smiled at my hand-maiden as she fixed the silk curtains covering the windows of my room. She was my only company from Romania and a valuable confidant.

“Did you sleep well, my lady?”

“Like a baby.” I walked towards the windows she had just opened and breathed in the fresh air. As Tatiana made the bed I enjoyed the breathtaking view of the Palace Gardens from the window seat. I could see some of the ladies had gathered already for the brunch and I couldn't help but wonder about them. I haven't had the chance to really get acquainted with most of them. Maybe today would be a good chance. I should probably find something appropriate to wear...

“This arrived earlier for you, your highness.” she interrupted my thoughts and set a big white box on the bed.

“A present?” I hurried to open the box and found a beautiful coral pink dress and a card with the royal crest sitting on top of it. The neat handwriting read:

' I send this humble gift in hopes you will wear it for the brunch. When we first met you outshined the stars in the summer night sky. Today you will be without a doubt the most beautiful flower in the gardens.

Prince William IV '

“A fine garment, indeed” I whispered as I lifted the flowing silk dress with a smile on my face. “Tatiana, do my hair and color my cheeks and lips to match this dress please. Oh, and don't forget my gold satin slippers! I have to attend the brunch and show my gratitude to the Prince.”

She followed my orders and helped me get dressed. Soon I made my way to the gardens feeling confident that my day would be rather pleasant. After all, what would go wrong with such a start!

{Prince William IV}
Age: 27
Inheritance: 45,000 pounds
Bio: William is the older brother of Prince Regent Henry IV and sibling to Amelia & Sophia who has just returned from a long time devoted to military service. He may have his younger brother's outgoing ways but he does not share his lustful nature; he is much more of a gentlemen with a naïve boyish charm. William enjoys being in the company of his brother and the rest of the Lords even though he is very old in comparison. William has many admirers and like his brother has the pick of any woman he could want, but he believes in trying to find the picturesque companion and believes in fated lovers. He is ready to find the love of his life, settle down, and take his rightful place as king which his birthright dictates.
Model: Eric Dane
Status: Courting Clarabelle Jane Hadlington
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