wow, its been a long time since i made a set on here! hope this one makes up for it! 
and finally the story continues...:


I stood in front of my floor length, antique bathroom mirror, wiped off the messages from lo that were written in the condensation and picked up my huge Mason Pearson paddle brush and hairdryer. Me and lo were playing hostesses to the first and no doubt biggest party of the school year, everyone was attending and we were under pressure to dress to impress. I applied some Shu Uemura nourishing protective oil to the ends of my hair and began blow drying it. I had picked up my outfit when I had visited America in late August to assess the Ivy League schools, and lo’s dress had been delivered from net-a-porter on Thursday. I was wearing Diane Von Furstenberg and lo’s dress was a new season Dolce & Gabbana, we were certainly going to make an entrance but I was glad that I had deemed couture to be a bit too overpowering for a first appearance and introduction to the new me and lo. We had spent the day preparing ourselves, as my fresh nude manicured nails suggested, and cleaning the house ready for the big unveiling; after all you don’t get a second chance at a first impression!
I flipped the switch on my hairdryer to off and gave myself another once over in the mirror, the rich damson colour of the dress perfectly complimented my golden tan that I’d acquired during the summer months. I closed the bathroom door behind me and turned the key then moved to my walk in closet door and did the same; the last thing I wanted was to wake up in the morning to a raided closet and a dirty bathroom.
I made my way down the oak staircase, into the entrance hall and through to the kitchen. I grabbed two champagne flutes, flung open the huge fridge door and selected a bottle of Moet. I headed out of the French doors and onto the decking area outside where I found lo sitting amongst a heap of cushions and throws on the raised sofa bed.
“Mind if I join you?” I said waving the two champagne flutes in my hand, and perched myself on the cushions; Lo took the bottle and expertly popped the cork. She poured out the champagne into the two glasses I was holding as the doorbell rang.
“You ready?” Lo gestured her glass in the direction of the house and readjusted the hem on her dress. I turned to her and nonchalantly replied,
“Dear, we were born ready!!!”


thanks guys, ily! type hepburn if you read it all! and feel free to leave comments!
xoxo b
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