~Most Confessed Annual Contest~

Hellooo people of confessed addiction, IT IS TIME FOR THE ULTIMATE CONTEST OF ALL CONTESTS !!! Yes, it is time FOR *trumpet noise* THE MOST CONFESSED ANNUAL CONTEST !! For this contest i want THE BIGGEST AND THE MOST ENTIRES THAT CONFESSED ADDICTION has ever recieved, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, AND TELL THEM TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS and SPREAD the word about this contest WE want it to be HUGEEEE!! I just want you to enter AS MANY sets as you can and BECUASE the more sets you enter the better chance you have !!

You have 3 WEEKS and Obviously there is NO LIMIT, and there are only 3 winners !! 3 !!

Good luck and may the best set maker win !!!

ALicE lOukAidEs !!

Created by alicelou32. Created in Poly Addict. 1,437 sets from 19 members. Ended 6 years ago.