Most Liked Items XII

Sets, photos, items, graphics.....the things I come across that are most popular among Polyvoriennes. I am always a little surprised at what receives the most likes.
In this collection, the runaway favorite was Jessica Simpson 'Catcher' Booties: nothing else was close.

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Wrote two years ago
oh, my pleasure dear. I love Burberry, with its fantastic history and rebirth in the last few years. Sometimes you can even find Burberry at Barneys Outlet or on clearance that brings it within reach. The set is a wonderful one and "in the numbers" because of its popularity with such an impressive label as well of course as being a totally wonderful set. Maybe I meant to put it with the Absolutely Awesome collection too. I have fun with these Most Liked Items collections, because I am forever surprised at what really is popular.

Wrote two years ago
Thanks very much dear or adding my set to your collection ❤️❤️❤️


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