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Wrote one year ago
✧ wildflowers ✧ VI
I don't really know you all, but here I go
@sapphiremoonlight your sets are very creative & you seem artsy and awesome c:
@kayceelovesyou1234 if that's you in your icon, you're gorgeous! You seem nice & have great taste.
@musicmixer143 you are absolutely beautiful & I like the color schemes you use! Also, I love the song in your bio.
@luciamenesess I love your name & you have great taste in fashion x
@lifeandfashionstuffs @fashion-is-the-passion-23 @indieflow @fiandapie @amra-piric @kia2222 @stylishfashionfanatic @erin-da-bae @the-pastel-goth @everything-amber-xo @dear-maria-count-me-in @chicexplorer-9-647 @butterflyhippo @tips4lifeandlove @yellowflickerheart @percyjacksonfanatic @amber-stardust

Wrote one year ago
✧ runaways ✧ V
@charcharr your account has always been my favorite account on polyvore, & even though I was super scared to talk to you at first, you're one of the coolest people I know. You're a downright wonderful person x
@bex-payne we've been talking for a looong looong time & I hope we continue too. You're a fun, awesome person(who reads great books, btw) & poly wouldn't be the same without you x
@samaralunariddle niyahloveyou @everysimpleplan @makkisme @sfree @annashreder @danii1d @amina-haskic @oxigenio @amber-stardust @everything-amber-xo @maddisynweisman @swlf45 @amra-softic @adri-xcx @bunheads-hottie @shellebelle

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✧ fireflies ✧ IV
@tele-pathetic you're hilarious & wonderful & you have helped remind me of how wonderful owl city is. I love our weird conversations and ever-constant fangirl moments. Don't you ever change x
@picklesandunicorns of course you get a special tag, you weirdo. You are a wonderfully kind person with a wide imagination and I consider you a friend x
@faeryincense @hollybeanrocks @guest114 @loveutothemoonandback @theydontknowaboutus30 @wewillfindawaythroughthedark @maddisynweisman @greeneyz @kissmeat6 @reem-love-niall @kayceelovesyou1234 @antonija2807 @allthingsiris @alienbabs @yo-sayonara @stelladrmwn @counteractingdreams07 @cookieeater10

Wrote one year ago
✧ daydream believers ✧ III
@raelee-xoxo // #raeleespenguin it is truly unbelievable how long we have carried on conversation(more than a year). I love your music taste because it's also my music taste, and I really look up to you as a wise friend. You also make beautiful sets. I'm trying not to be too cheesy, so... you're awesome x
@polystar10 @blondeshoopaholic @greatmisery @srabniky @thatnowherechick @jewel1225 @katy-puentes @e-verchanging @fashion-forever00 @edy321 @anshawver @wacky-anons-1d @quotes4life101 @pirate-elle @julestravinski @avadakedanielle @justlovedesign wallfloweir @nina4ever14

Wrote one year ago
✧ lonely hearts club ✧ II
@/mlgjessica as I'm writing this we haven't really talked in a while, but I love talking to you because you're so intelligent, strong & an all-around beautiful person x
@taylor230 taylor, you & I have been friends for the longest time. Being on @/girlynotebook - even though I didn't deserve it - really opened me up to new opportunities on polyvore and opened my eyes to how much I love blogging and helping others. So, indirectly, you really changed my life. You are super sweet & your personality is a ray of sunshine xx
@musicmixer143 @fashion-cat @storycosmicjasmine @melissa-de-souza @endlesswhispers @teamsydneynicole @itsfashion-5ever @incredible-an0n @vices-virtues @bowbear16 @josselyn21 @abschaffer @vernesta @tallybow @doodlesnoodles @gussy-styles @boybandsets @miss-fashion-is-great @j-lu-01 @mode-222

Wrote one year ago
✧ future hearts ✧ I
@dressed-like-a-daydream remember when we didn't know each other & had matching icons bc you won my contest?? That was so long ago, wow cx I'm so glad we kept talking, you're an awesome person who makes beautiful sets x
@princessawesome02 I can't believe I almost forgot! xc wow. You never fail to make me smile. You have a big heart & you're absolutely adorable and beautiful xx
@sonjahardy @xxharrietxx @the-anon-side @pineapple-rain @lucky-1990 @patriciaalves-1 @someoneyournot @zalarupar @luciamenesess @sarah-horan4218 @paculi @maryanarivera @emma-911 @hailey-smith-13 @raquelitaa-torres @caitlind13 @glo-mil-y @bluepeace-angel @annalisatomlinsonkewl @we-are-alive

Wrote one year ago
please :


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