#40: Twilight Cast. 
The Twilight cast are all most wanted for being in this ridiculously overrated phenomenon, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Because let's face it Twilight has taken over the world! So that's Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Anna Kendrick, Cam Gigandet, Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, Xavier Samuel...the list just goes on. 
I decided to do a last most wanted on the Twilight Cast rather than some actor because they are currently the most wanted people living on this planet right now, everyone wants a piece of them, its crazy! 
And I think it’s a perfect way to end my Most Wanted sets :'-) I've been doing this for....what? For the past 5 months. 
I've got......40 sets in total and I think that's enough, I could have made it 50 but I ran out of good people to use for most wanted. I know there are loads of most wanted people currently living in the U.S but half of them I can't standXD. I think I would be the biggest hypocrite if I created a set on someone I disliked very much, I'd just be writing about how I hate them XD I think I've only got about 10% of British people, that's a real same, they always get outshined by American actors/artists. 
I really love the Cast's Vanity Fair shoots, I think they look all amazing. Everyone just looked so gorgeous and like they we're having so much fun. I'd love to shoot something like that! One big happy family. I love the quote "Baby we're front page news" because the cast are front page news! XD 
So yeah, hope you like this last Most Wanted set. 
Idea, theme, style, layout 100% me. I'm pretty sure I came up with this idea first...I think so anyway :D

My first most wanted set was on........
Kristen Stewart, surprise surprise surprise. My last set on her was 2 months ago, coming up to 3 months. 
She was my first inspiration, I was obsessed with creating sets on her, because she looked so good in photographs, she’s got a photogenic features. I liked her back then when Twilight first started, I thought she was awesome, but now I literally don't, I think she’s ok, pretty girl. It just faded away as much as TwilightXD. It's mostly to do with her complaining, about how "I never expected this to be my life" I mean really? C'mon! If you didn't expect this to be your life then why are you in this business? There's a door, you can leave if you hate it this much. And also that awful r.ape comment, how could I forget. Who says that type of thing? Ah only Kristen would. God knows why. 
I used to think her awkwardness was cute but now it comes to a point where it's just unbearable to watch! Its like "please stop!" the kiss scene at Mtv Awards was the worst! XDXD but then again it was kind of funny. 
Since i'm not a Kristen fan, I am so a fan of Elleleo! I am her no.1 fan, haha! XD Really I am, no joke :D Also Sam Bradley and Bobby Long - their voices are heartbreaking! Oh yeah, Mortal Instruments :D
Oh yeah Robsten finally "cracked" my word for it. 
Hah! Not surprised, it was just one of those things you'd expect to happen sooner or later and it did. 
Now we can stop speculating, it was getting a tad bit boring. I think I've become a Twilight hater now, oh dearXD Thank god for Alex Day, I never realised how whiny Bella was and Edward's weird choice of words, "That colour blue looks lovely with your skin" Who says that? Only Edward Cullen would. I prefer Jace from MI, least he didn’t want to kill the protagonist. 
So yeah....that’s all I have to say :)) I've written a lot, I'm gonna shut up now:D
If you read this, please type in below "Robsten cracked", well if you want ;;)
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