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  • Manufacturer Moustache Moustache - Moose Trophy
    Manufacturer Moustache Moustache - Moose Trophy
    For the hunter-gatherers of today: The Moose trophy by Moustache acts impressing and ironic at the same time, without harming any animals. The Moose trophy made by the design team Big-Game of 2005 is a metaphor for heritage and progress at the same time: The iconic elk-head shape is impressing and mighty. The trophy also shows that there is no need of killing animals to get that impression. That’s how humorous wall decorations by Moustache even become a bit philosophical. The wall antlers of the French manufacturer Moustache are similar to their original models regarding their size. The production out of birch plywood ensures that the models of the Moose trophy continue running happy and free in Scandinavian’s forests.
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