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Movie Icon Challenge

This is a Challenge group of 50 Classic Movie Stars of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. #MovieIconChallenge Feel Free to add any vintage film star sets you make even is they're not on the list but please don't add sets that don't feature or aren't inspired by a classic film star I will remove them from the group. 1.Louise Brooks 2.Rudolph Valentino 3.Charlie Chaplin 4.Josephine Baker 5.Lillian Gish 6.Fred Astaire 7.Jean Harlow 8.Rita Hayworth 9.Errol Flynn 10.Clark Gable 11.Greta Garbo 12.Veronica Lake 13.Ginger Rogers 14.Shirley Temple 15.Mae West 16.Marlene Dietrich 17.Lauren Bacall 18.Ingrid Bergman 19.Humphrey Bogart 20.Joan Crawford 21.Bing Crosby 22.Bette Davis 23.Judy Garland 24.Katharine Hepburn 25.Vivien Leigh 26.Marlon Brando 27.Orson Welles 28.Jayne Mansfield 29.Tony Curtis 30.James Dean 31.Marilyn Monroe 32.Cary Grant 33.Gene Kelly 34.Grace Kelly 35.Kim Novak 36.Frank Sinatra 37.Jimmy Stewart 38.Elizabeth Taylor 39.Julie Andrews 40.Sean Connery 41.Doris Day 42.Faye Dunaway 43.Rock Hudson 44.Sophia Loren 45.Steve McQueen 46.Paul Newman 47.Audrey Hepburn 48.Sidney Poitier 49.John Wayne 50.Natalie Wood Try to communicate something of the spirit of the star in each set. Fashion and Art sets both welcome. You can complete them in any order but I'd recommend starting off with some Icons you don't know much about or have never even heard of. You'll learn something new that way and really challenge yourself. You may want to mark each set with the number and the name of the actor and make a collection of them all. Hope you enjoy my group PM me when you have completed the challenge and I'll add you to the list. First to complete the list was, Riley Whitman - http://www.polyvore.com/50_movie_icon_challenge_complete/collection?id=952973 Schatz.the.Rabbit - http://www.polyvore.com/movie_icon_challenge/collection?id=960973 **Inspired by the fantastic group http://www.polyvore.com/50_theme_fashion_challenge/group.show?id=22167
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