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- Write 25 facts about yourself, you can really write whatever you want!
-Have fun!
1. I read Star Wars novels. 
2. I don’t like coffee. 
3. I’m writing a book.
4. I own all five seasons of The Teen Titans.
5. I like eating peanut butter. 
6. I hate driving. 
7. I love the rain but I have a fear of storms. 
8. I sleep hugging a heart shaped pillow at night. 
9. The smell of fast food makes me sick to my stomach (not always though). 
10. I don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life. 
11. Korean is the first thing I’ve ever really been passionate about. 
12. I don’t like crowds. 
13. I prefer eating fruit as a snack over other things. 
14. I don’t like having nothing on my feet. 
15. I love tea. Mmm. 
16. Coffee Prince is the first k-drama I watched till the end. 
17. I wear glasses. 
18. I sleep with seven or more blankets on my bed, even during the summer. 
19. I can rarely fall asleep listening to music. 
20. I haven’t read the Lord of the Rings because every time I start to something bad happens. 
21. I don’t cry at movies/songs/books often. 
22. I hate garden gnomes.
23. I don’t like guys who curse. 
24. I’m scared of heights. 
25. I love musicals.

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