Hey, guys! It's Laura!

Because I raised a total Disney child, I went to see Monsters University yesterday, and I loved it!

The movie is sort of a prequel to Monsters, Inc. about Mike and Sully's college days. Mike has dreamed of being a scarer since he visited Monsters Inc. as a kid. After years of hard work and studying, he finally gets the chance to attend the college of his dreams and study to be a scare student. There's only one problem: he's not exactly "scary." 

Sully is continuing the family line by attending his father's alma mater and following in his footsteps to become an elite scarer. He expects to be able to coast through college, but his partying finally catches up with him, and he begins to fail scare school. 

After an unfortunate accident, Mike and Sully find themselves unexpectedly kicked out of scare school. Their only hope of getting back on track and being able to follow their dreams is to join forces to win MU's annual Scare Games.

To be able to compete, they're forced to join the lamest fraternity house on campus: Oozma Kappa. But through teamwork, the frat brothers are able to discover their unexpected talents and begin a journey to the top. 

There's the basic plotline; I won't ruin the rest of it for you! 

Here's what I thought of it:

First of all, the short at the beginning was absolute genius! The animation was so realistic, I thought it was live-action for a while. The story was simple, but beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite Pixar shorts. :)

I really loved the movie itself! Once again, I'm going to brag on Pixar's animation; it was fun, extremely colorful, and imaginative. The music was great, as well. I loved the touches of drumline and marching band that were added to the traditional score. 

I liked how the film makers managed to portray collge life fairly realistically while sticking to a G-rating. I live a college town (we seriously have like 6 colleges and universities downtown!), so I appreciated the little things, like how they arranged the campus and things like that. They may have glamorized frat life quite a bit, but hey, it's Disney. They definitely portrayed everyday college life the way it is!

I think my favorite part of the movie was how they incorporated new, unique characters with old, familiar characters from Monsters, Inc. The backstories were very interesting and entertaining.

The jokes were simple, but hilarious! I love how as you grow up, your experience with Disney movies changes, and you start to see some of the more sophisticated jokes. :)

At first, I thought the storyline seemed very predictable, but the ending was unexpected and left you very happy, as all Disney stories should. :)


Monsters University is a great addition to the Pixar franchise. Everyone will get a kick out it and love the story. You should definitely see it!

~ Laura

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