An art collage from June 2014
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  • Western Fashion Crystal Tuxedo Mask
    Crystal Tuxedo Mask We seeeee you girl...oh wait no we don’t! Now don’t think we’d ever wanna hide yer pretty face but if yer hiding it with this pretty mask yer hardly hidin’ it yer just enhancing! This killer crystal mask comes in a cool az [censored] cat eye style completely surrounded by mini crystals that are ready to catch the light. This gorgeous piece stays secure on yer pretty peepers with a black ribbon that you can tie up in the back, This bb is meant to hide yer face but don’t be shocked if you catch more than a few extra glances.
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  • Hollywood Mirror Imm Luvin It Knit Mask
    Hollywood Mirror Imm Luvin It Knit Mask well aren’t you just the sneakiest of all hamburglars? You’ll be luvin’ it in no time with this sikk knit mask that pulls right over yer half yer face. Featurin’ a delicious knit with a yummy burger design, hold the ketchup! With cut out eyes to eat with yer eyes and perf soft fit, we’re going to keep an eye on our happy mealz when yer around fer sure.
  • Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat - The Cat in the Hat Deluxe Adult Costume
    Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how. If you want a costume that's fun and instantly recognizable, look no further than the Cat in the Hat Deluxe Adult Costume. Not only are you bound to turn heads and grab all the attention, but there's also no way you could have a bad time dressed as the fun-loving Cat in the Hat. Put on this great costume and you'll be having all kinds of fun that is funny -- you might even be expected to speak in rhyme! This costume gives you everything you need to transform yourself into the iconic Cat in the Hat. The soft, black jumpsuit has an adorably fluffy white tummy and an attached red bow tie and black tail. The black head sock has attached ears (you are a cat after all) and the white gloves will act as paws. Of course, this cat wouldn't be anything without his hat, so the costume comes with that classic red and white striped headgear. Includes: Jumpsuit, hat, head sock, and gloves. This is an officially licensed Dr. Seuss product.
  • Vampire's Vixen Adult Costume
    You're going to have more offers for blood donations than the Red Cross! The Vampire's Vixen Adult Costume doesn't dress you up like any old vampire sleeping inside a coffin. This costume turns you into a vampiress who appreciates high fashion as much as she does sucking blood. In fact, this classy vamp probably drinks blood from a martini glass while listening to Wagner. Stay out of the sun and check out some bats to prepare for your role. This costume features a panne velvet dress that is black, gray, and deep pink. Its corseted bodice will distract the boys at the Halloween party while you lunge for their jugulars. The dress also has a zipper back closure and a lacy petticoat peeking out from beneath a layered skirt and underskirt. The black brocade collar protects your own neck from other thirsty vampires, while an attached red jewel pendant reveals your taste for blood. The black lace fingerless gloves start at your elbows and leave your fingers free to eat candy and caress your victims until they leave their veins unguarded. Includes: Gown, Skirt, Collar, and Gloves. Does not include hosiery, earrings, or shoes.
  • Maleficent - Aurora Deluxe Coronation Gown Adult Costume
    Pretty as a princess, and straight out of a fairy tale! Your godmother will be smiling from cheek to cheek on your coronation day. The land of Moors will celebrate the fact you are now queen. You’ll be in love with being queen in this Maleficent – Aurora Deluxe Coronation Gown Adult Costume from BuyCostumes. Gold brocade dress features a square neckline, long sleeves and back Velcro closure. A princess needs to look her best for coronation day. Roomy, gold hi-low hemline skirt features pink rosettes to make your curtsies cute. You will feel like a real beauty, whether you are asleep or awake. Be queen for a day in a gold-leaf crown. You will be reigning over all of the mystical creatures in Moors. Do you believe life’s better in costume? Because we sure do! Check out BuyCostumes for an array of costumes and accessories perfect for any holiday or special occasion for kids and adults of all ages. Includes: dress and wreath headpiece. Does not include: shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product.
  • Marvelous Mad Hatter Costume
    Everyone loves a good tea party. And the Mad Hatter always throws the best! Get dressed up to the nines, cause you're sure to have a lot of guests stopping by when you don on this Marvelous Mad Hatter Costume. Jacket is 65% polyester 35% rayon. Jacket is trimmed at opening w/ detailed gold & green thread. White netting w/ auburn sequins at collar & sleeve ends. Back of sleeves have weaving green ribbon that ends in bows. Green polyester dress w/ small bow above chest. Front features a thin layer of floral lace & detailed trim. Brown polyfoam hat w/ orange glitter hat band features a "10/6" price tag & peacock feather. Matching orange glitter bow tie Velcros.
  • The Lord Of The Rings Arwen Deluxe Adult Costume
    Yearning for a Middle-Earth quest but want to infuse romance rather than hairy Hobbit feet in your adventure? Then, make sure you are dressed for the part by becoming Arwen Evenstar. Create your very own Rivendell right in the midst of a Halloween party zone by dressing up in a queenly The Lord of the Rings Arwen Deluxe Adult Costume. Before the Disney princesses, there was Arwen, princess of many realms and later queen of various kingdoms in "The Lord of the Rings" film and book series. Beautiful and gifted with special powers, King Aragorn fell in love with her at first sight. You may not be gifted with any extraordinary power, but you can feel truly beautiful with this Lord of The Rings Arwen Deluxe Adult Costume, a regal gown that's sure to make heads turn. This deluxe adult costume is a long black velvet dress with flowing sleeves and curved neckline. The sleeves are of red velvet and adorned with gold trimmings on the elbow, while the neckline is embellished with the same red and gold fabric on the edges. Includes: Dress. This is an officially licensed The Lord of the Rings costume.
  • Bleach 3 Panel Mask Ichigo Renji Byakuya Anime Licensed Adult Shirt S-XXL
    Bleach 3 Panel Mask Ichigo Renji Byakuya Anime Licensed Adult Shirt S-XXL
  • Cat in the Hat Adult T-Shirt and Hat Costume
    “What would you do if your mother asked you?” Whether it is a stormy day or a night full of partying, you know you want to dress as your favorite child book character. Call Thing One and Thing Two for a Halloween full of fun in this Cat in the Hat Costume, complete with hat and t-shirt with printed bow. Black t-shirt will have you reliving your childhood. Printed white fur patch will get you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Shirt features printed red bow tie that looks fancy as you partake in all of your mischievous tricks and frivolities. Tall striped red and white hat will get you excited to do all sorts of crazy things. Make sure you don’t Sally and her brother in trouble. What is so great about this costume? It will look great on guys and gals of all ages. Do you believe life is better in costume? Because we sure do! Have everyone you know check out BuyCostumes for a wide variety of costumes and accessories perfect for any holiday or occasion for kids and adults of all ages. Includes: hat and t-shirt with printed bow. This is an officially licensed Dr. Seuss costume.
  • Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume
    Demanding respect in your kingdom takes more than a little bit of confidence, gusto, and coquette set. It also demands a beautiful dress. What better way to receive all that attention than with this Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume. Heads will roll when you step out of the castle. 98% polyester 2% spandex. Red crushed velvet skirt. Gathered black satin overlay hangs softly over waistline. Satin & velvet floor length gown has puff shoulders w/ elegant gold trim. Detailed checkered, striped, & heart patterns. Full length white tulle petticoat w/ elastic waist. Sequin heart crown.
  • Women's Deluxe Frankie Stein Adult Costume
    Navigating the tough corridors of high school can be quite the challenge, especially when you're the teenage daughter of one of the most famous monsters of all. The Women's Deluxe Frankie Stein Adult Costume comes with a plaid dress that is comprised of blues, reds, and blacks for a hip, young look. Other elements to the costume are a black tie with white polka dots and a molded-on clip, a studded belt with a thunder bolt applique, a pair of striped shoe covers, and light blue tights with stitches. The costume matches the look of the character on the web series perfectly, so you'll be glad to wear a costume of a character who was such an inspiration to you. Before checking out with the costume alone, visit the accessories page and pick up an officially licensed wig and makeup to get completely immersed in the character. Small (Fits Chest 33"-35", Waist 25"-26"), Medium (Fits Chest 36"-38", Waist 27"-30"), Large (Fits Chest 38"-40", Waist 31"-34") Includes dress w/ sleeves, tie w/ molded tie clip, studded belt, tights and shoe covers. Wig and makeup sold seperately.
  • Alice In Wonderland - Alice Red Court Dress Adult Costume
    Enjoy the trippy adventures of Alice without actually having to deal with the strange laws and whims of the Red Queen. The Red Queen holds her subjects to the highest, or at least weirdest, standards. So you know the Alice Red Court Dress Adult Costume will impress at your office party. This costume is based on the hit 2010 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, with you in the role played by Mia Wasikowska. Who's going to be in the role of the Mad Hatter? Well, sorry, it probably won't be Johnny Depp. But with this dress, you'll definitely make the hatters, Cheshire Cats and everyone else mad about you. Everyone who works in the Red Queen's Court has some huge body part. But with this bell shaped dress, the only thing large about you will be the elegant curve of your hips. Just like in Tim Burton's movie, your dress is made with the tiniest details in mind. Black hearts are printed across the red and white organza fabric of the dress and petticoat, and a black armband adds another authentic touch. A red rope belt loosely holds it all together. Includes: Dress, Petticoat, Armband, Rope Tie. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.