I love living in a city. I am a true city kid. 
I hate living in one of those surburban places where everyone acts and thinks the same, and those who don't are ostracized, even though they're probably a lot more alike than they'd actually like to think. 
I love living where I can act more like an idea than a person. Because that's what I do: I act. All the time, I'm putting on an act, I'm pretending to be someone else. I know that will sound horrible to some people, the fact that I'm not acting like "myself". The fact of the matter is that I don't know who I am. I'm so used to putting on different personas, that I don't think I even mind anymore. Living in the US and the UK, and having to adapt my accent so often made me like that. And having to lie for so long when I was homeless, and probably the fact that I sort of like leaving without saying goodbye. Also, it's probably the writer and actress in me speaking out. 
The writer is in love with creating characters and romanticizing the world. There's something quite distinct about a city full of people that all have their personalities on display, and then one person having a life they just keep changing. We know that one person does it, but then again, how can we know that the entire city doesn't do that as well?
And the actress just wants to perform. AT ALL HOURS. Who cares if there's only one other person on this tube carriage and it's two a.m.? She's going to pretend that her name is Sasha Kriponovich, a russian ballet dancer who's studying at the Royal Ballet School, and has a cheating boyfriend and one room bedsit.
I've gotten slightly off-topic, but the idea still there. I love London, and cities in general, because you can be anyone. You can have an overwhelmingly complex backstory, yet you'll still be a wallflower on these busy streets.
And I'm not quite sure why, but I love it.

Thanks for reading, if you did. I know I make no sense sometimes, but this is one of those things I think about.
You can find this on my blog: http://dazed-daisy-days.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/things-i-think-on-tube-1.html
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