Mr & Mrs Vito Diffuser - Orange - Mr & Mrs Fragrance
  • Millefiori Vanilla Flower Diffuser Refill - 500ml
    The Vanilla Flower fragrance diffuser refill from Millefiori’s range of home fragrances has blended together sweet vanilla note, freshened by a white flower bouquet, with amber, santal, ginger and Lavender of Liguria. The fresh, sweet and floral tones create a natural and sensual aroma that will fill your home with a gorgeous feeling of warmth. Millefiori home fragrances are a stylish and impressive addition to any home and their fragrance diffusers make wonderful gifts for any loved one, work mate, or any occasion at all. There is a wide range of Millefiori fragrance diffuser refills available, so you never have to run out of your favourite home fragrance again.To perfume your world and decorate it with style- this is Millefiori’s mission; an Italian company that combines with its exclusive home fragrances selection original solutions to diffuse them in the air.All Millefiori fragrance diffusers and other home fragrance products are delivered next day in the UK as standard!Key features: * Millefiori – Exquisite Italian Home Fragrances * Vanilla Flower Fragrance Diffuser Refill * Fragrance: sweet, fresh, intense * Capacity: 500ml * Leaves room smelling fresh instantly * Fragrance lasts approximately 6 months * Fantastic as a gift for your husband or father * Several Millefiori home fragrances & refills available
  • Lucia Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig Aromatic Reed Diffuser design by Lucia
    Diffuse your home with the soothing scents of Laurel Leaf and Olive Blossom. Lucia Reed Diffusers provide up to five months of flameless fragrance in an elegant glass bottle perfect for the home. Lucia Products come in amazingly chic packaging making these candles perfect for a guest room or as a gift.
  • Voluspa Maison Rouge Embossed Diffuser - Mandarino Cannela
    Fill your home with the delightful scent of this Mandarino Cannela diffuser from Voluspa. Part of the Maison Rouge collection it combines notes of mandarin, nutmeg, stem ginger and vanilla cinnamon to create a truly delectable sweet yet spicy fragrance. Encapsulated in a clear glass holder embossed with the Voluspa logo, it includes 18 red rattan reeds to continuously diffuse the scent throughout your home. Presented in a luxurious vintage inspired gift box, it makes a fabulous gift idea for a loved one & there are many more sumptuous home fragrances also available from Voluspa.Key features: * Fragrance notes: mandarin, nutmeg, stem ginger, vanilla * Capacity: 170ml * Fragrance lasts approximately 4-6 months * Includes 18 red rattan reeds * Beautiful clear glass holder embossed with Voluspa logo * Packaged in a stunning vintage inspired gift box * Wide selection of Voluspa home fragrances available
  • Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Collection, Lemongrass Ginger
    We used the invigorating scent of lemongrass and ginger " two key ingredients in Southeast Asian cuisine " to create this collection. Made with premium-quality essential oils, these eco-friendly products reflect our culinary roots with a fresh, simple scent that blends into the kitchen naturally. Biodegradable blends contain no parabens, ammonia, chlorine or lauramide DEA and are not tested on animals. Hand soap contains soothing olive oil, aloe vera and glycerin. Hand lotion nourishes your skin with natural shea butter and vitamin-rich botanical oils. Dish soap contains soapbark extract, a natural degreaser. Boxed candle and triple-wick candle are made of clean-burning beeswax and vegetable wax and fill a space with a fresh, natural fragrance. Countertop spray and all-purpose cleaner rely on natural cleansers and aromatic oils to keep surfaces fresh and clean. Fragrance diffuser draws pure essential oils into the air, scenting a room with a light, refreshing aroma. Nonaerosol room spray offers a natural way to refresh and deodorize. Hand Soap & Lotion Set includes a two-bottle caddy offered in three styles (see More Info tab for details). Deluxe Gift Set includes two stainless-steel pump tops and a two-bottle caddy offered in three styles (see More Info tab for details). Dish Soap, Hand Soap & Lotion Set includes a three-bottle steel-wire caddy. Made in USA exclusively for Williams-Sonoma.
  • Culti Decor Room Diffuser - Mediterranea - 250ml
    Fill your home with the elegant, fresh & sensual aroma of this Mediterranea fragrance diffuser by Culti. Part of the elegant Decor range it features scent notes of bitter orange, lemon, neroli, ginger with lentisk & cedarwood base notes. Each Culti diffuser offers continual perfume emitted into the room via the included rattan bamboo reed sticks, simply rotate to give reinvigorated scent at your discretion. The luxurious fragrance oil is encased in a glass perfume bottle exclusively made in Italy by carefully selected craftsmen. The Decor range of diffusers each come exquisitely packaged in a Culti gift box, making them ideal luxury gift ideas for any occasion.Key features: * Fragrance notes: bitter orange, lemon, neroli, ginger * With lentisk & cedarwood base notes * Capacity: 250ml * Includes rattan bamboo reed sticks * Fragrance oil formulated using selected -pure’ elements * Same process as used in traditional Italian artistic perfumery * Strictly made in Italy by carefully selected craftsmen * Encas
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  • Mr & Mrs Fragrance Mr & Mrs Vito Diffuser - Acid Green
    Mr and Mrs Vito diffuser was born from the design of Ginger and Fred and resembles them in shape and personality. Both trendy and fashionable. Vito spreads joy and positivity within any room. 100ml. Please note that fragrance is sold seperately.
  • Voluspa Sake Lemon Flower 6-Ounce Fragrant Oil Embossed Diffuser
    Infuse your space with the soft scent of lemon rind and chilled rice wine, specially designed by Voluspa. Glass vessel; reed sticks. Made in USA. 2.75 X 2.75 X 11.25"
  • Mr & Mrs Fragrance Mr & Mrs Wilma Ceramic Diffuser - Cobalt
    Glossy glazed porcelain bottle with acrylic cap which is a uniquely designed diffuser allowing you to combine colour with your own choice of fragrance. The Wilma diffuser is described by Mr & Mrs as a straight laced character with an assertive, no-nonsense personality her posture expresses pride and awareness. We like to think this fabulously coloured container gives harmony and balance to any interior setting, complete with 7 diffuser sticks. Please note fragrances are sold separately.
  • Rosy Rings Fragrance Diffuser - Forest
    Ensure your home is always inviting with this Forest fragrance diffuser from Rosy Rings. Encased in a clear glass bottle, this diffuser contains leptospermum sprigs and hemlock cones which have been placed in the high quality oil by hand. With crisp notes of citron, golden raspberry and shaved ginger, it has a hearty, woody base of clary sage, Scotch pine, sandalwood, cedar & white musk, which will infuse your home with the intoxicating scent of a fresh pine forest. With ten rattan reeds included, it has a decorative wooden cap and it will beautifully perfume any interior space for six to nine months.Key features: * Fragrance notes: citron, raspberry, ginger, sage, pine & red cedar * Capacity: 370ml * Fragrance lasts 6-9months * Fragrance oil contains leptospermum sprigs & hemlock cones * Items in the oil added by hand * Includes 10 rattan reeds and a wooden cap * High quality, alcohol free fragrance oils used * More delectable fragrances avail
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    • Diamantini & Domeniconi Butterfly Clock Orange
    • Diamantini & Domeniconi & Large Wall Clock
  • Dayna Decker Exotic Essence Diffuser - Ashiki - 473ml
    Enjoy, indulge & luxuriate in the intoxicating aromas of this Exotic Ashiki fragrance diffuser from Dayna Decker. With heady fragrance notes of freesia, bergamot, red & black berries & sandalwood this diffuser will beautifully perfume any space. Encased in a mouth blown black glass bottle, black reeds are also included which are designed to be placed in the bottle opening to subtly disperse the fragrance. A wide range of decadent scents and alternative fragrance options are available from Dayna Decker, which are guaranteed to update & refresh any room.Key features: * Fragrance notes: freesia, bergamot, red & black berries * Capacity: 473ml * Fragrance lasts approximately up to four months * Black rattan reeds included * Reverse the reeds for an instant burst * Encased in a mouth blown black glass bottle * Presented in an elegant Dayna Decker box * More scents available in the Exotic fragrance ra
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  • Mr & Mrs Fragrance Mr & Mrs Vito Diffuser - Turtledove
    Mr and Mrs Vito diffuser was born from the design of Ginger and Fred and resembles them in shape and personality. Both trendy and fashionable. Vito spreads joy and positivity within any room. 100ml. Please note that fragrance is sold separately.
  • Linari Sogno Diffuser - 500ml
    Update your home aroma with this Sogno fragrance diffuser by Linari. A smooth, balsamic composition of spicy ginger and exotic elemi with a citric nuance, surrounded by accents of olibanum and amber, combining to create a truly incomparable, infatuating scent experience. Created by top French perfumer Mark Buxton, Sogno is presented in a deep chocolate brown vessel formed from high quality Italian glass. Embellished in a way to reflect the light like the facets of a diamond, tis rich, shining material creates a beautiful contrast with the innovative lid which is made from maple, African wenge and zebrano wood, forming an alternating light and dark pattern.Key features: * Fragrance: a balsamic composition of ginger and elemi with citric nuance * Capacity: 500ml * Exquisite deep chocolate-brown Italian glass bottle with metallic gloss * Pale evaporation sticks made of high quality tropical plants * Maple/African wenge/zebrano wood lid and satin label * Fragrance lasts up to six months * Packaged in a s
  • Herve Gambs Red Couture Rose Diffuser - Encens Nobilis
    Effortlessly add the fresh flower look to your home with this stunningly realistic red rose in a black glass cube diffuser from Herve Gambs. Handmade in the brand’s French workshop, these couture artificial flowers should be sprayed with Herve Gambs fragrances and includes a 10ml bottle of the sumptuous Encens Nobilis scent. These diffusers are perfect to mix and match with other Herve Gambs artificial flowers & scents and can be enjoyed for months to come.Key features: * Dimensions: 10x10cm vase, 17.5cm overall height * Fragrance capacity: 10ml * Due to handmade glass, some slight imperfections may occur * Please note- artificial flowers * Comes with a 10ml bottle of Encens Nobilis fragrance * Rich fragrance notes of carnation, patchouli, amber & santal * Simply spray with your favourite Herve Gambs
  • Mr & Mrs Fragrance Mr & Mrs Vito Diffuser - Light Blue
    Mr and Mrs Vito diffuser was born from the design of Ginger and Fred and resembles them in shape and personality. Both trendy and fashionable. Vito spreads joy and positivity within any room. 100ml. Please note that fragrance is sold separately.
  • Archipelago Botanicals Travel Fragrance Diffuser - Lanai
    Be transported to your own peaceful paradise with this Lanai Excursion travel diffuser from Archipelago Botanicals. This sumptuous diffuser has divine fragrance notes of ginger, pineapple & mandarin, simply insert the rattan reeds into the open bottle and the sticks will permeate the scent throughout the room. Encased in a frosted glass leak proof bottle and including 5 sets of disposable reeds, this diffuser is packed and ready to go with you on your travels. A wide range of exquisite scents are available in the Excursion Collection from Archipelago Botanicals, all designed with pure relaxation in mind.Key features: * Fragrance notes: ginger, pineapple & mandarin * Dimensions: H16cm * Capacity: 47ml * Fragrances for approximately 3 weeks * Includes 5 sets of disposable rattan reeds * Encased in a frosted glass leak proof bottle * Presented in a stunning box * More Excursion Collection scents available
  • Agraria Bitter Orange AirEssence™
    Enhance your space with the natural aroma of Agraria's Bitter Orange AirEssence™; a complex and subtle blend with additive waves of clove, the zest of bitter orange and just a touch of cypress. This uplifting scent is uniquely diffused through sola flowers, which have been made one at a time by skilled artisans using the dried peel of tapioca plant sewn onto cotton wick. As the fragrant essential oil is absorbed through the cotton wick, the flower petals beautifully change to the colour of the oil and the scent diffuses into the air. Even after all of the oil has been absorbed, the flowers will retain their scent for another month.
  • Dr Vranjes Fragrance Diffuser - Ginger & Lime - 500ml
    Freshen up your home with the clean and fruity scent of this Ginger and Lime fragrance diffuser by Dr Vranjes. Ginger notes blend with the essence of the fresh ginger root, uniting harmoniously with zesty lime and nuances of vetiver, delivering a delicate yet energetic fragrance. Blended from pure and natural ingredients with the world’s finest essential oils, the fragrance is housed in a beautiful apothecary style glass bottle inspired by Florentine architecture. Simply insert the included bamboo reeds to release the perfume and rotate to control the intensity. Dr Vranjes recommends this popular fragrance for any room in the home or office. Key features: * Ginger & Lime: ginger root, zesty lime & vetiver * Dimensions: H19xD7cm reed length: 35cm * Capacity: 500ml * Includes x10 natural bamboo reeds * Contains high 10% pure perfume * Reverse the reeds to release a continual fragrance * Lasting fragrance option, 4-5 months * Beautiful apothecary style bottle * Inspired by Florentine arc
  • Cochine Vietnamese Rose & Delentii Reed Diffuser
    Cochine Saigon's Vietnamese Rose and Delentii is a light, delicate scent that captures the invigorating freshness of newly cut flowers, combining top notes of Rose and Bergamot with whispers of Violet, Rosewood and the scented orchid, Delentii.
  • Max Benjamin Fragrance Diffuser - Lemongrass & Ginger
    This Fragrance Diffuser by Max Benjamin has blended oils of lemongrass & ginger, an uplifting blend of oils to liven up your spirits. Simply reverse the included reeds as often as required to continuously fill your home with this enticing scent. Presented in an elegant yellow Max Benjamin box, this fragrance diffuser makes a great gift idea that can be enjoyed for months to come.   Each Max Benjamin fragrance diffuser is low in allergens and alcohol free. Creating a Max Benjamin fragrance is an art in blending the finest selection of oils to lovingly fashion each product.  Each of their aromas has holistic properties designed to de-stress, relax and calm your mind.Key features: * Max Benjamin – Irish family run company * Fragrance Diffuser - Lemongrass & Ginger * Uplifting blend of oils to liven up your spirits * Capacity: 150ml - 4.95 fl. oz * Fragrance lasts approximately 4 months * Reverse the reeds to release a continual fragrance * Finest essential oils used for unique blend of fragrances * Low in aller
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  • DayNa Decker Exotic Le Petit Diffuser -Ashiki
    A cylindrical bottle in translucent black glass curves slightly inward at the mouth to enclose an artful bouquet of ink-colored natural wood sticks in the Exotic Le Petit Diffuser. Filled with a bewitchingly sweet blend of botanical oils and complex fragrances that are drawn through the reeds to perfume your world for as long as six to eight months, the small luxury reed diffuser is stamped in gold with a maker's mark, causing it to provide a perfect visual note in a chic transitional room. Scent Notes: Freesia, Bergamot, Red Berry, Black Berry, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk. .
  • Very Home Fragrance Refill Etoiles a Marrakech - 500ml
    This fragrance diffuser refill by Very features the beautiful Etoiles a Marrakech scent. The exquisite combination of different aromas will take you to faraway lands in which the crisp scents of mandarin, bergamot and a subtle hint of fig are melodiously blended with a touch of vanilla. Amber & myrrh add warmth and with the spicy tones of ylang ylang and Madagascan vanilla, you can almost feel the Moroccan sun and hear the buzzing market place of Marrakech. Perfect for refilling your Very fragrance diffuser this refill will ensure you never have to run out of your favourite Very fragrance again.Very home fragrance have developed scents by using fine perfumery skills with the sensory experience that could only be French, with the elegance, sophistication, heart & soul of Italian producers.Key features: * Very - Beautiful French & Italian Home Fragrances * Capacity: 500ml * Etoiles a Marrakech diffuser refill - exotic & spicy * Scent notes: mandarin & bergamot with fig & patchouli * With vanilla, amber, myrrh & Madagascan vanilla * Never run out of your favourite Very fragrance again * Wide selection of luxury Very home fragrance refi
  • Fornasetti Giardino Segreto Room Spray
    Fornasetti Giardino Segreto room spray.  Room spray with Fornasetti's signature "Giardino Segreto" scent . Contained in a ceramic lidded vessel depicting the Giardino Segreto (Secret Garden) design  . Made in U.K. . 3.4 fl. oz/100 ml
  • Culti Decor Diffuser Refill - Mediterranea - 500ml
    Perfume your home with this Mediterranea Decor diffuser refill from Culti. With fragrance notes of bitter orange, ginger & mastic tree, this refill will infuse your home with the fresh, woody Mediterranea scent. Perfect for refilling your Culti fragrance diffuser bottles, the original reed sticks can also be reused, however due to previous absorption, we advise that only the same scents are used each time when recycling reeds. A wide range of other fragrances are also available enabling you to reuse your Culti diffuser bottles.Key features: * Fragrance notes: bitter orange, ginger & mastic tree * Capacity: 500ml * Fragrance oil formulated using selected -pure’ elements * Same process as used in traditional Italian artistic perfumery * Strictly made in Italy by carefully selected craftsmen * Perfect for refilling your Culti fragrance diffuser * Can be used with Culti trans
  • Casa Couture Spa mini diffuser trio
    Casa Couture spa set of 3 mini diffusers. Fragrances are Inspire, Luxe and Calm. Inspire: Feel inspired and uplifted with a luxurious refreshing green tea fragrance smoothed with a delicate bergamot aroma. Luxe: Be luxurious with an opulent and indulgent blend of sweet tiarre flower, jasmine and rose brushed with sparkling pink pepper on a sensual base of amber and musk. Calm: Keep calm and tranquil with a soothing aromatic blend of fresh lavender and white florals warmed with woody undertones of cedar and patchouli. The Casa Couture Spa Collection aims to inspire, relax and induce a feeling of luxury with a stunning selection of three sensuous fragrances. Reed diffusers continuously scent your home by releasing fragrance absorbed through the natural reeds. Volume: 50ml. Lasts up to 2 months. Also comes in mini votive gift set.
  • Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Fragrance Diffuser, Lemongrass Ginger
    Evoking the tranquil beauty of an exotic Asian garden, our fragrance diffuser brings home the elevating scents of fresh lemongrass and ginger. Our exclusive essential oil blend showcases the restorative aroma of these prized botanicals, layered with essence of cedar and mandarin orange. Just place the natural reeds in the glass bottle to draw the pure essential oils into the air, scenting the room with a light, refreshing aroma. Glass diffuser bottle. Scented oil: 4.5 fl oz. each. 12 reeds each. Will release scent for up to 2 months.