This however will be my last set for about two weeks. I'm going to Disney World for my birthday. My dad is bringing his laptop so I might be able to squeeze a set in here and there but most likely not.

Jstin had been watching me like a halk. The only place where I had been able to go alone was the bathroom. 

Last night though i was smart, in a way, and loaded him up with alcohol. He ended up calling with 'th-rst-ng-ov-er-vr' which I asumed meant /the worst hang over ever'. 

I knew that the only way to make myself relax was going to be belly dancing. I went outside since it was completely gorgeous out today and just let my body go. 

The farmiliar music of the medailions of my skirt twinkling together made me smile and the good times back home with all my friends flooded into my head. 

I had been so into it I didn't realize that I wasn't aloe any longer.

"Lucy." Shane's voice broke through my transe.

"Yeah?-oh." Turning around I saw that Shane was standing at the slider with Tom. Justin was allowing me to talk to Shane but Tom was on the 'you talk to him, you're dead' list. 

"Hi, what's up?" i asked softly once Shane left.

"Nothing much. You havn't been answering my texts. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. and yes, as odd as that sounds I can text. It's this cool app thing. I speak it, it types." 

I laughed, making him smirk and reatch towards me. Tom's warm hand landed on my thigh. In all honesty I knew I should have cared but the way his touch makes me feel knocks the sense outta me. 

"I've just been, uh, busy."

"What are you wearing?' Tom's face scrunched up as he fondled a few medailions. The randomnes of his question amused me. 

"It's a belly dancing skirt."

"Oh." There was a comfortable silent pause. "What's it look like?"

"Uh, it's orange, granted that doesn't help much. And had little metal circles hanging from it-"

"No, no, no. I meant that dancing portion."

"Oh." I blushed. "Well, uh, I can't really explain it."

"Can i feel it?" Tom's words seemed to innocent yet all I could think about was saying 'that's what she said'

"Parts. Here" Standing and placing his rough, smooth, gentle hands on my bare middrift I began to do some of the hip and belly consentrated moves. 

"Are you wearing a shirt? please tell me you are."

"Why? Would it bother you if I was half naked?" I teased getting way to comfortable. He didn't asnwer though, only the smirk on his face answered me. 

"So, uh, did that help?"

"Yes." His words were quiet. Our silence was filled with teh pounding of blood through my ears. This feeling was such an adrenaline rush.

"What do you think or it?"

Once again I didn't get an answer. However, Tom stood with his hands still on me, moving lower to the small of my back, pulling me against him. 

And that was it. The second our lips touched my thoughts of him being Mr. Right were proven. My knees went weak as we held on to each other tight. I never, ever, wanted the moment to end. But of course, it had to. And of course, with my horrible luck, with a horrible side.

"Lucy! You lying little wh0re! And Tom! You son of a b!tch! Get you'r fu*king hands off of her!" The man in my arms jumped, startled slightly not seeing Justin aprouch. 

"Justin, don't." I wepped as he grabbed Tom by the throat, chocking him. "Drop him, please. It's not his fault. I kissed him. I'll never see him again. Just - stop!" 

And luckily he did. Grabbing me forcfully and pulling me inside the hour, throwing Tom to the ground. 

That night i waited for a text that never came. Little did I know that my knight in shining armor was teaming up with my suspicious twin.
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