These are the female versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde :) I recently just read the book and I was inspired to make some alter ego wha wha but I changed the alter ego stuff to sisters who look a lot a like. So meet Ms. Hyde over here in this set, she's some business lady who probably drinks wine instead of coffee to keep herself awake. She's pretty rude sometimes and quite sassy. If she can't have her way done, she'll find a way. And she doesn't like CHILDREN because she says she prefers cats. She's got a husband who she never really talks to though he's hot but she wants a divorce pretty soon. And as you'd notice, her name is "Ms" Hyde. She doesn't like the surname of the hot dude... I don't really know with her. 

 On the other hand, there's Jemma, Ms. Hyde's sister who LOVES children. She goes to college and she has a boyfriend who she's always tweeting about. And she's got a little sister who's really adorable and also ,this dog name Yoda. ( 

Here's a question I want you guys to answer. 
This is the question: Which sister would you be and why? 

~~ I know it's kind of a hassle for you to click on another link but if you want to answer the question and see what Jemma looks like then please do~~ 

If you know the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you'd know that Dr. Jekyll represents good while Mr. Hyde represents evil. Well, in my question's case, I want you to decide which sister you want to be based on their outfits :D Are you androgynous or extremely girly? I'm going to tag some people to answer the question now! Or if you want personality wise.... well, I don't know if any of you are like Ms. Hyde.... but if you want. Okay haha. 
I hope you guys answer the question and not just look at the outfit! Thanks! :)
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